Asus is set to enter the high-performance SSD market

Asus is ready to launch a high-performance M.2 PCIe Gen 4 �4 NVMe SSD, the ROG Strix SQ7 that is available in 1TB capacity.

WD Launches Green SN350 1TB NVMe SSD

The WD Green SN350 1TB NVMe SSDs are entry-level drives that feature DRAM-less cache and are built for light and casual use.

Seagate Exos X20 and IronWolf Pro 20TB HDDs

The Seagate Exos X20 and IronWolf Pro 20TB HDDs offer high storage capacity, are fast for different use cases, and come with a 5-year warranty.

Terramaster T12-423 Celeron based 12-bay NAS

The Terramaster T12-423 is a compact 12-bay NAS that supports multiple RAID types and can deal with high-load workflows.

Silicon Power launches XPower XS70 SSD

Silicon Power XPower XS70 SSD is a high-end gaming drive that features attractive heatsink design and offers extreme performance.

QNAP Launches TBS-464 Mini All-Flash NAS

The QNAP TBS-46 is a compact NAS that accepts four M.2 SSDs and has the same management features as QNAP's full-sized units.

Seagate and Phison Broaden Partnership to Expand NVMe SSD Portfolio

Seagate and Phison have announced plans to expand their SSD portfolio of next-gen high-performance, high-density enterprise-class NVMe SSDs.

Kingston Fury Renegade NVMe SSD Revealed

The Kingston Fury Renegade SSD delivers sequential speeds of up to 7.3/7.0 GBps read/write and has more endurance than its predecessor.

The New Synology DiskStation DS1621+ NAS

The Synology DiskStation DS1621+ is a compact NAS for SMB that mixes performance with upgradable flexibility and numerous apps.

Toshiba Unveils the 18 Tb N300 and X300 Pro Series Hard Drives

Toshiba releases the new N300 Pro and X300 Pro HDDs that are available in capacities of up to 18TB with workloads up to 300TB/year.

Inland Prime M.2 NVMe SSD Revealed

The Inland Prime M.2 NVMe SSDs use Phison's E15/E15T SSD controller and Micron�s 176-Layer TLC flash and are available in 500GB and 1TB capacities.

Hewlett-Packard Announces HP EX900 Plus 1TB NVMe SSD

The HP EX900 Plus SSDs are designed with M.2 interface and powered by the InnoGrit IG5216 controller, offering speed of 3400 MB/s read and 3000 MB/s write.

The New TerraMaster T9-423 9-Bay NAS

The TerraMaster T9-423 9-bay NAS is designed for high-performance requirements and features a current-gen server-grade Intel CPU.

Western Digital Red Pro 20TB HDD Launched

The new WD Red Pro 20TB NAS HDDs are designed specifically with medium or large scale business customers in mind and can handle high-intensity workloads.

QNAP Announces TVS-675 desktop NAS

The QNAP TVS-675 NAS is powered by the Zhaoxin KaiXian KX-U6580 octa-core processor and comes with 8GB of base DDR4 non-ECC memory.

Teamgroup T-Force M200 4TB External SSD Revealed

The Teamgroup T-Force M200 external SSD features a nice design, uses an USB3.2 Gen2x2 interface and can achieve up to 2000MB/s.

Western Digital SN770 Black mid-tier NVMe SSD

The WD Black SN770 is an efficient DRAM-less NVMe SSD that features a proprietary WD/Sandisk controller and a 112-layer TLC NAND.

Lexar Announces SL200 Portable SSD

Lexar SL200 is a compact SSD that offers up to 550 MB/s read and 400 MB/s write across three capacities � 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB and provides 256-bit AES encryption.

Micron Ships 176-Layer QLC NAND PCIe Gen4 Client SSDs

Micron Technology announced it�s now shipping the industry's first 176-layer QLC SSDs, capable of up to 4.5GB/sec read speeds.

Asustor AS1104T - the budget-friendly NAS Appliance

The Asustor AS1104T is a budget-friendly four-bay NAS with a Realtek ARM processor and a fixed 1GB of DDR4 RAM that is designed for heavier home use.

SK Hynix rebrands acquired Intel SSD business as Solidigm

SK Hynix is rebranding its acquired Intel SSD business as Solidigm with Intel's ex-non-volatile products boss Rob Crooke as its CEO.

ADATA XPG Atom 50 Gen 4 NVMe SSD

The ADATA XPG Atom 50 is a PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 2280 SSD that uses the latest NVMe 1.4 protocol and provides 5GB/s read and 4.5GB/s write speeds.


The ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 4 Pro (AS3304T) NAS features 4 drive bays, a quad-core Realtek RTD1296 processor, and 2GB of DDR4 RAM.

Seagate Launches New One Touch External SSD (2021)

The Seagate One Touch SSD features a very compact form factor and comes in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities in a black, blue, or silver finish.

Samsung Develops High-Performance PCIe 5.0 SSD for Enterprise Servers

Samsung has developed the PM1743 SSD for enterprise servers, integrating the PCIe 5.0 interface with Samsung�s advanced sixth-generation V-NAND.

Adata TeamGroup has announced TeamGroup T-Force Cardea A440 SSD

The TeamGroup T-Force Cardea A440 SSD is available in 1TB and 2TB capacities and can deliver read and write speeds of 7,000/6,900 MB/s respectively.

77TB of Research Data Lost Because of HPE Software Update

Kyoto University lost 77 TB of critical research data from its supercomputer as HPE released a software update that caused a script to malfunction and delete backup data.

Western Digital budget-priced Blue SN570 M.2 NVMe SSD

The WD Blue SN570 NVMe SSD uses the company's BiCS5 112-Layer TLC flash paired with the PCIe 3.0 interface and delivers a solid performance.

Western Digital to end cloud support for some hard drives in January 2022

Western Digital has announced that it is necessary to end support for prior generations of My Cloud OS, including My Cloud OS 3 and WD Cloud OS.

PNY LX3030 M.2 NVMe SSD Lunched

The PNY LX3030 SSD is built specifically with Chia plotting in mind and provides both high-performance and enterprise-level endurance.

Western Digital Reveals Black SN850 High-End NVMe SSD

The Western Digital WD Black SN850 is a high-end SSD that features attractive design and offers excellent performance for computer enthusiasts.

TerraMaster F4-421 (2021) NAS RAID Server

The TerraMaster F4-421 NAS offers good throughput performance for both small businesses and home users and supports multiple RAID types.

Kingston Launches XS2000 Portable SSD

The Kingston XS2000 Portable SSD features Silicon Motion�s newest SSD controller paired with Micron�s 96-Layer TLC flash.

TeamGroup Announces "Industrial" 3D TLC NVMe SSD Lineup

TeamGroup has announced new PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSDs under Industrial branding that have industrial-grade resilience and patented cooling technologies.

Seagate Demonstrates HDD with PCIe NVMe Interface

Seagate unveiled industry's first HDDs with PCIe NVMe Interface that will be available to key customers in September 2022.

Western Digital Reveals Red SN700 NVMe NAS SSD

The WD Red SN700 NVMe NAS SSD comes in capacities ranging from 250GB to 4TB and delivers sequential read and write speeds up to 3,430 MBps and 3,100 MBps, respectively.

Corsair launches MP600 Pro XT NVMe SSD

The Corsair MP600 Pro XT SSD features Phison PS5018-E18 controller and Micron 176-layer 3D TLC NAND and is available in 3 capacities of 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB.

New Qnap TS-H1886XU-RP Rackmount NAS Storasge Server

Qnap's TS-h1886XU-RP NAS house up to 18 drives and supports two operating systems: Qnap's nimble QTS OS and the advanced QuTS hero OS.

Kingston FURY has launched high performance PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD

The Kingston FURY Renegade SSD comes in 4 capacities of 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB and can achieve speeds up to 7,300/7,000MB/s read/write.

Synology Unveils DS3622xs+ and DS2422+ 12-Bay NAS

Synology announced its newest DiskStation DS3622xs+ and DS2422+ NAS that are designed to optimally work with Synology enterprise drives.

Kingston launches KC3000 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD

Kingston launched its new KC3000 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD that is based on Phison's E18 and Micron's 176-layer 3D NAND and available in four capacities up to 4TB.

TerraMaster Releases New 8-Bay Rackmount U8 NAS Series for Business

TerraMaster has launched new 8-Bay Rackmount NAS Series for business and government use that can support up to 1000 user accounts.

ADATA Unveiled Its First SD Express Card

ADATA unveils its first SD Express card that will use PCIe Gen 3 x1 and will be about 1.5 times faster than a standard SATA SSD.

Seagate Announced IronWolf 525 M.2 NVMe SSD for NAS

Seagate launches the IronWolf 525 NVMe SSDs for NAS systems. They are based on the Phison E16 (PS5016-E16-32) PCIe 4.0 x4 NVMe SSD controller.
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