Five Reasons Why ACE Data Group Is Your First Choice for Data Recovery

You've got a lot of choices when you need to recover data. How do you decide who to call? How do you make the right choice? Especially when the wrong choice might mean losing the data forever.

Why Choose Us?

We've already saved business data worth millions of dollars, countless family photos that many clients thought was lost forever.
We'll do the same for you. Or it's free.

Success Rate

A real, unsurpassed 98% success rate. One of the highest success rates in the industry

All In-House

All recovery procedures are performed in our labs - we never outsource recovery procedures
and your media never leaves our company

Clean Rooms

High-tech data recovery facilities with Class 100 clean rooms electronically monitored 24/7

Research and Development

ACE Data Recovery is the only manufacturer of data recovery equipment in the U.S.

"Unrecoverable" Devices

We recover data from devices or media considered "unrecoverable" by other companies

Did you know that many companies claiming to offer "data recovery" services lack experiences and have limited resources?
Call them, and not only do you take the risk their not recovering the data, but they lack the necessary skills and resources, you risk having the data lost forever.

Whether that information is worth hundreds, thousands , maybe millions of dollars, or precious memories in pictures, can you afford to take that risk?

That's why the first call you make, when you need data recovery recovered, should be to ACE Data Recovery Services, the recognized authority in data recovery.

It starts with results. After making a diagnostic of your drive, we'll tell you if the data is recoverable.

If it can't be recovered, you'll know with certainty, But, because we employ the industry's top engineers and have the most sophisticated resources available, we usually get the results you want, recover the data.

Our engineers, our state-of-the-art clean rooms and leading technologies make us the industry leader in data recovery.

Why Choose ACE Data Recovery?

Five reasons you should choose us:
  • Experience
  • Free Assessment
  • Efficient and Effective
  • The Clean Room
  • Value
When you retain us to recover your data, you get the benefit of our years of experience and expertise. Founded in 1981, we're the second oldest data recovery company in the world. An industry leader employing the top experts in data recovery. If our team cannot recover your data, it can't be recovered.

Free Assessment
Find out if your data is recoverable before you waste any money trying to recover it. We'll examine your drive and tell if it's recoverable before you spend a dime on recovery (although in most cases we can recover it, even if others have told you it can't)

Efficient and Effective
Your data is important to you, so we recover it fast. Our expertise allows us to efficiently and effectively recover lost data in even the most difficult circumstances.
Our goal is to get the results you want, recovery of vital data in an effective and efficient manner.
Our expertise and experience can save time and effort in the recovery of your data. Saving you time and money

The Clean Room
You already know how sensitive your drive or other media is. Why risk further corruption or contamination in an unclean environment?
Our clean room is at the center of our innovative recovery techniques, assuring that your drive isn't further damaged. Your data is protected and safe when it's recovered in the ACE Data Recovery Clean Room.

Think about it. The data and information on your drive is priceless to you. Rebuilding it or re-inputting the lost data might cost thousands of hours of time. It's even more valuable if it's data that cannot be duplicated. Losing it might mean losing it forever.
That's why where the value of our services comes in. We'll recover your data in a cost-effective and time efficient manner. We understand the importance of your data to you.
With ACE Data Recovery Services, you get the benefit and value of our expertise and experience in recovering data in a timely and efficient manner.

We're ready to answered your questions and start recovering your lost data now. You can reach us right now toll free 1-877-304-7189.