May, 2024

The Lexar SL500 Portable SSD offers a compelling blend of performance, affordability, and portability

Lexar, a well-known player in the flash-based consumer storage market, has recently introduced the SL500 Portable SSD. This sleek and moderately priced external drive aims to deliver high-speed performance without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we'll dive into the details of the SL500, explore its internals, and evaluate its overall performance.

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The Basics

USB 3.2 Gen 2x2: The Need for Speed

External storage devices have come a long way in terms of capacity and speed. Thanks to advancements in flash technology and faster host interfaces, we now have palm-sized drives capable of delivering speeds exceeding 3 Gbps. While Thunderbolt 4 can achieve such speeds, USB remains the go-to interface for mass-market devices. Among USB options, USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gbps) has become the entry level for thumb drives and portable SSDs. However, the introduction of USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 (20 Gbps) has opened up new possibilities.

The SL500 leverages the native USB flash controller Silicon Motion SM2320 to achieve its price point. What sets it apart is the use of YMTC 3D TLC NAND, a departure from the usual Micron or BiCS NAND found in previous SM2320-based SSDs. Let's take a closer look at what's under the hood.

Inside the SL500

Sleek Design, No Screws

The SL500's metal casing exudes a premium feel, though it doesn't claim ruggedness or specific IP ratings. Disassembling the drive involves prying off the plastic tabs at either end and pushing out the internal plastic frame. The frame is slightly oversized, likely to accommodate the palm-sized form factor.

Thermal Considerations

Interestingly, the board lacks an explicit thermal solution. There are no thermal pads or conducting paths connecting the controller or flash packages to the external casing. The SM2320 UFD controller is directly visible on the board. While this design choice keeps costs down, it's essential to monitor temperatures during heavy usage.

NAND Decoded

The 1TB version of the SL500 features four flash packages in a double-sided configuration. These packages, sourced from Longsys, don't explicitly indicate the NAND type. Fortunately, a publicly available NAND decoder tool reveals that YMTC's 128L 3D TLC NAND resides inside.

Performance and Power

In our testing, the SL500 performed admirably across real-world access traces and synthetic workloads. We also examined performance consistency, crucial for power users. Additionally, drive power consumption matters, especially when used with battery-powered devices like notebooks and smartphones.

The Lexar SL500 Portable SSD strikes a balance between affordability and performance, making it a compelling choice for those seeking high-speed external storage. Whether you're a content creator, gamer, or professional on the go, the SL500 has something to offer. Keep an eye on those temperatures, and enjoy the convenience of fast, palm-sized storage!

Understanding the Performance of Lexar SL500

Flash-based storage devices are essential in our digital lives, but their performance can be affected by various factors. In this blog post, we'll explore how the Lexar SL500 stands up to rigorous testing and what makes it a unique option in the market.

Performance Under Pressure

When subjected to intense workloads, flash-based storage devices like the Lexar SL500 can experience a slowdown. This is particularly true for random writes of small sizes. To understand the worst-case scenarios, these devices are pre-conditioned with such workloads before benchmarking.

Sequential Writes and Consistency

The Lexar SL500 was put through a 'Sequential Writes Performance Consistency Test' to measure its reliability. The test involves writing sequential data to the device, configured as a raw physical disk, to cover most of its capacity. The results? The SL500 maintains consistent performance, even under sustained writes, thanks to its SLC caching and firmware controls that prevent overheating.

Real-World Application

For power users, the consistency of performance in real-world conditions is just as important as synthetic benchmarks. The SL500's power consumption and performance consistency were analyzed in various scenarios, proving its suitability for use with battery-powered devices like laptops and smartphones.

Market Positioning and Pricing

Introduced at CES 2024, the Lexar SL500 differentiates itself with YMTC's 128L 3D TLC NAND and hardware encryption support. With different capacities targeted at different markets, the SL500's pricing is competitive, offering a good balance between cost and performance.

In conclusion, the Lexar SL500 is a robust flash-based storage solution that promises consistent performance and reliability, even in worst-case scenarios. Its thoughtful design and competitive pricing make it a valuable addition to the market.

Unlocking Peace of Mind: ACE Data Recovery Services for Lexar External SSD Drives

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