February, 2024

The QNAP TVS-h874T support IP over Thunderbolt protocol, significantly boosts in speed, making this NAS a good choice in business environments.

The QNAP TVS-h874T is the world's first Thunderbolt 4 NAS, an 8-bay desktop box that sports a pair of 40Gbits/sec ports, perfect for those seeking fast access for 4K video production. It caters to a niche yet demanding audience comprised of content creators, 4K video editors, and professionals involved in production. The TVS-H874T is meticulously designed to meet the intensive demands of high-resolution content management and creation.

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QNAP TVS-h874 NAS Hardware

This system packs plenty of power, offering a choice between Intel 12th Gen i7 or i9 Configuration Options, available in 12 Core and 16 Core Versions with Integrated UHD Graphics 770. The appliance comes with 32GB of DDR4 memory, upgradeable to 64GB – a crucial feature as the 'h' in the model name indicates that QNAP primarily targets its NAS towards its QuTS hero OS. This OS is more demanding than QNAP's QTS, as it requires at least 16GB for its inline data deduplication feature and 32GB for optimal performance with 10GbE upgrades. Users have the choice of ZFS or EXT4 System Software and File System.

The TVS-h874T's commitment to open hardware and software compatibility is a significant advantage in an industry increasingly favoring proprietary systems. Unlike Synology, the QNAP TVS-h874T does not have any perceived unreasonable limitations on hard drive compatibility and support. By current commercial HDD compatibility standards, the TVS-h874T can support over 160TB of raw storage. Each of the 8 bays is SATA 6Gb/s, with most current enterprise HDDs achieving speeds of 260-270MB/s. The system supports numerous RAID configurations including RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60, as well as RAIDZ, depending on whether QuTS ZFS or QTS EXT4 is utilized. The only thing missing is a fluid RAID system, such as those offered by Synology and other competitors, which allows users to utilize HDDs/SSDs of different capacities in a single RAID, thereby taking advantage of higher capacities.

QNAP TVS-h874 NAS Features

The support of PCIe Gen 4 in the QNAP TVS-h874T NAS represents a different tier of storage compared to all other existing 8-Bay Desktop NAS systems, many of which come with PCIe Gen 3 or even PCIe Gen 2. For video editors considering a NAS for post-production in multiple 4K video edits and/or beginning with 8K in their workflow, NAS systems, unlike DAS, provide a versatile solution for environments utilizing multiple operating systems. This is particularly beneficial in professional settings where Windows, Mac, and Linux systems coexist. The NAS’s ability to facilitate easy file sharing and access across these platforms without compatibility issues greatly enhances workflow efficiency and collaboration.

QNAP TVS-h874T NAS and IP SAN Performance

With a NAS share on the RAID5 array mapped over 10GbE to the server, the top sequential read and write rates of 9.3 and 9.2Gbits/sec, and random operations returned similar results. These numbers highlight an important feature of QuTS hero as its ZFS file system's ARC (adaptive read cache) and ZIL (ZFS intent log) features are already very efficient making SSD caches unnecessary.

Moving over to IP SANs delivered good results with a 1TB target recording high sequential and random read and write rates of between 9.3Gbits/sec and 9.1Gbits/sec. With a dual-10GbE MPIO link to the target sequential and random read rates and write increase to 18Gbits/sec and 17Gbits/sec.

QNAP TVS-h874T NAS QuTS hero OS Features

In growing concerns over NAS data recovery and security, the system is well-equipped with comprehensive tools and settings for enhanced security and data protection. QuTS hero offers data protection features to QTS with its ZFS copy-on-write providing near unlimited NAS and iSCSI LUN snapshots along with data deduplication and compression. End-to-end checksums handle self-healing of data corruption.

Along with the standard RAID arrays recovery, there are triple parity RAID to protect against three drive failures or triple mirroring which stores identical copies of data on three drives. You can even create individual ZFS RAID pools for warm-cold storage, then also use a remote NAS, USB or Cloud space to sync/backup with too. Thanks to features like WORM, Non-Linear Editing (NLE) and locking, you can ensure that data is not edited by more than one user, with the added benefits of using the QNAP programs such as QSync to create native synced NAS folders on your client devices (iOs, Mac, Windows, Android, Linux – with cross-platform sharing) so that other teams of people can work with the data on the NAS.

Virtualization is on the menu with the Container Station, Ubuntu Linux Station, and Virtualization Station apps all present while Hyper Data Protector keeps your VMware and Hyper-V VMs safe by backing them up.

QNAP TVS-h874T NAS: Is it Worth It?

The TVS-h874T represents a considerable investment but its powerful Core i7-12700E CPU provides a good return as performance is extremely good. The appliance's high memory capacity makes it a perfect platform for QNAP's QuTS hero OS which offers a wealth of enterprise-class data protection features and it's a good choice for video editors that want super-fast Thunderbolt 4 ports and plenty of storage potential. The TVS-h874T not only maintains the longevity and high-end status of the TVS-h874 but also brings to the table enhanced direct data access through Thunderbolt 4 integration. This advancement, supporting IP over Thunderbolt protocol, significantly boosts connectivity and speed, making the system an ideal choice for demanding tasks such as 8K video editing and high-performance computing needs in business environments. It offers an excellent balance of price, performance, and features, making it a worthy investment for those seeking top-tier server-side capabilities. However, for users with simpler storage needs or those not requiring the advanced features of Thunderbolt NAS, traditional Thunderbolt DAS devices might be a more suitable and cost-effective option.

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