Research and development - ACE Data Recovery is developing best solutions to data recovery problems.

Data amount produced by the world is increased tremendously and require more storage space. New models of storage devices with revolutionized technologies, more space and faster read/write speed come to the market every day. But none of them is still 100% reliable.

The main goal of our company is to provide the best data recovery service on the market. ACE Data Recovery guarantees qualified and efficient help in any case of data loss. Being a market leader, we understand that innovation and moving forward is a key to success.

ACE Data Recovery has own research and development team that creates unique data recovery software, hardware and recovery tools and techniques to be on the edge of data recovery services for any brand, model and device.

ACE Data Recovery ZCOPY

Developing new tools, methods and techniques (such as ZCopy Ultra TM) we invest in the future and increase success rate and turn around time. Research and continuous growth in order to provide high quality services to our customers are one of the most important priorities for us.

The unique software developed by ACE Data recovery engineers has been helping the company to maintain leadership in the data recovery market for almost 40 years at this point. We can handle recovery cases where other companies fail:

  • developed a unique technology for recovering data from failed SSDs even with damaged metadata (also known as a “panic mode”);
  • get access and repair the System Area (system tracks) of encrypted hard drives even when manufacturers restrict access to the system area;
  • developed custom recovery solution for various legacy media, such as SAN, NAS, or directly attached server arrays from HP, IBM, DELL-EMC and others, regardless of the drives interface and original file system;
ACE Data Recovery Research and Development

We are committed to provide the best services by creating leading technologies and more competitive products and solutions that help our customers all over the country.

This knowledge is required for successful data recovery development: knowledge of mechanics, electronics, physics, device firmware, software development tools, soldering under the microscope, layouts for distributed data like RAID or SSD, different type of encryptions, programming skills, various file systems, operating systems behavior and huge experience of the data loss causes.

ACE Data Recovery experts steadily work on improving the speed and quality of our services, along with expand types of file systems and media devices we support.

Some of our breakthrough developments can be found on numerous press-releases:

ACE Data Recovery DDA Reader

Leading Research & Development department, advanced technologies and thousands of satisfied customers are a good reason to state that we are the best data recovery company in the USA.