January, 2024

The Seagate Mozaic 3+ platform incorporates cutting-edge technologies, including sophisticated media, write and read heads, and an advanced controller

Seagate has recently unveiled a pioneering innovation in the realm of hard disk drives (HDD) - the Exos Mozaic 3+ platform. Representing a significant milestone, this platform stands as the inaugural HDD platform leveraging heat-assisted media recording (HAMR), a technology meticulously designed to substantially enhance the recording density of magnetic media.

The Mozaic 3+ platform incorporates cutting-edge technologies, including sophisticated media, write and read heads, and an advanced controller. Positioned to be integrated into Seagate's upcoming Exos hard drives for cloud datacenters, it promises an impressive capacity of 30TB and beyond.

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Seagate Advancements in HAMR Technology

The operational principle of HAMR technology involves momentarily heating the recording region, thereby reducing its magnetic coercivity and facilitating the inscription of larger volumes of data onto the disk. After years of development, this groundbreaking technology is anticipated to empower hard drives with capacities of up to 80TB or more. Seagate currently leads the industry in HAMR technology, prompting anticipation regarding the timeline for other hard drive manufacturers, such as Toshiba and Western Digital, to achieve comparable capabilities.

The Seagate Exos product line is poised to realize substantial benefits from this technological advancement, with a new 30TB capacity point on the horizon.

Seagate Exos X Mozaic 3+: Setting a New Benchmark

The company has also set a new benchmark with the introduction of the Seagate Exos X Mozaic 3+, boasting a remarkable capacity of 30TB distributed across ten 3TB platters. This cutting-edge hard drive leverages innovative technology to accommodate an increased number of platters into the drive, achieving an impressive data density of 1.742 TB per square inch.

Furthermore, it features a 12-nanometer integrated controller that triples its operational efficiency compared to previous generations. The Mozaic 3+ employs 10 glass disks with a magnetic layer composed of an iron-platinum superlattice structure, ensuring both longevity and a reduced media grain size compared to conventional HDD platters.

The platform utilizes a plasmonic writer sub-system with a vertically integrated nanophotonic laser to heat the media before the writing process. Owing to the diminutive size of individual grains in the new media, their magnetic signatures are lower, albeit with a somewhat higher magnetic inter-track interference (ITI) effect. To counter this, Seagate has introduced its new Gen 7 Spintronic Reader, featuring the world's smallest and most sensitive magnetic field reading sensors.

Seagate's Advancements in HDD Technology

Seagate aims to progressively enhance the platter density of the Seagate Exos X Mozaic 3+ by up to 20% with each new generation in the coming years. This strategic initiative represents a noteworthy improvement compared to the 8% growth rate observed in conventional magnetic recording (CMR) HDD capacities over the past decade. Notably, customers transitioning from a 16TB conventional magnetic recording platform to the new 30TB+ HDDs can potentially nearly double their server rack capacity. The seamless integration of these new drives as drop-in replacements ensures compatibility with existing infrastructure, resulting in substantial cost savings, particularly in power consumption.

Efficiency Gains and Power Consumption

For instance, while the Exos X16 boasts an average power consumption of 0.59W per TB, the new Exos 30TB registers a slightly higher figure at 10.5W. However, this translates to a commendable 40% power savings per TB at 0.35W per TB, underscoring the efficiency gains achieved through technological advancements.

Technological Innovations Driving Areal Density

The notable increase in areal density primarily stems from the adoption of smaller grain sizes in the magnetic media. Seagate's cutting-edge Mozaic 3+ platform incorporates new media characterized by significantly reduced grain sizes, a novel writer, and a reader featuring multiple diminutive magnetic field readers. To manage these sophisticated components, Seagate has equipped the Mozaic 3+ platform with an advanced controller manufactured on a 12nm fabrication process, delivering three times the processing power of its predecessors.

Pioneering Superlattice Iron-Platinum Structure

Additionally, Seagate has pioneered a superlattice iron-platinum structure, enhancing magnetic coercivity for precise and stable data recording. The heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) process necessitates heating the grain to alter its state, accomplished through a nanophotonic laser integrated into the plasmonic writer sub-system. The reading head has evolved to accommodate the reading of smaller grains. These advancements synergize seamlessly due to the newly developed controller, which Seagate asserts provides three times the performance of existing solutions.

Seagate's Exos Hard Drives and Compatibility

Seagate's Exos hard drives based on the Mozaic 3+ platform seamlessly integrate with existing cloud servers, offering elevated capacities, accelerated read and write speeds, and reduced power consumption per TB. However, it's important to note a trade-off in lower IOPS per TB performance, necessitating users, such as cloud server providers, to devise strategies to align these HDDs with their quality-of-service (QoS) and other requirements.

In summary, Seagate is at the forefront of advancing hard drive technology, offering superior storage capacities and operational efficiencies tailored for the evolving needs of datacenters.

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