Flash Media Recovery: Compact Flash Cards, Secure Digital (SD), USB Flash Drives, Memory sticks starting at $159

ACE Data Recovery has successfully recovered data from virtually every type and brand of flash memory based storage device ever produced. Companies such as Transcend, Corsair, OCZ, SanDisk, Kingston, and A-Data, just to name a few, all manufacture flash memory based storage devices based on NAND flash memory technology in a variety of types such as:

  • USB Flash drive
  • Compact Flash Card
  • Secure Digital(SD)
  • miniSD
  • microSD
  • Smart Media Card
  • SDHC Flash Card
  • Multimedia card(MMC)
  • Memory stick
  • Memory stick Duo
  • Memory stick Pro
  • Memory stick HG
  • Memory stick Micro
  • xD-Picture Card

Lost your family photos or business accounting data?

For a limited time ACE Data Recovery offers special pricing for flash based media recovery starting from $159.00. The offer includes free diagnostics, free USB Flash drive return media, and free standard USPS return shipping.

ACE Data Recovery is able to recover data from flash media devices whether they are physically damaged, unrecognized by operating systems, or unmountable in cameras and other devices. This includes flash drives that are displayed as 0 MB in size, not recognized by the computer, or the device asks you to format.

Solid state storage devices such as a USB Flash drive, SD Card, Memory Stick or SSD drive have several advantages over other portable storage media. When compared with storage devices like floppy disks, hard drives, or ZIP drives, flash memory based storage devices are faster, have higher storage density, and contain no moving parts. But, no matter what type of storage device it is, sooner or later it will fail.

Many of the Top Manufacturers are Switching to Monolithic Flash

With the price of USB flash drives and SD cards dropping, many top manufacturers are switching to monolithic flash. Traditional SSD or USB flash drives use NAND flash memory chips and controllers mounted on printed circuit boards (PCB) along with resistors, capacitors and conductors. But, as hardware manufacturers try to reduce costs and make devices more water- and shock-proof, today's devices frequently consist of an "all-in-one" design. In these devices, memory chips, controllers and all small components are enclosed into one small body. These devices are called monolithic flash drives.

For consumers, it is often difficult to determine what technology they are buying. The same model of USB flash with the same plastic cover can contain either traditional or monolithic flash. This has produced issues for consumers and data recovery technicians alike.

Flash Memory Data Recovery Without the Extreme Cost

Flash memory stick data recovery servicesData retrieval services for monolithic flash devices are expensive, and many data recovery companies avoid this because of the complexity and cost.

A new process is necessary for monolithic flash media was required. To recover data from monolithic flash devices, we need to connect our reader directly to test points, which are usually hidden under a protective layer. Because of the hundreds of different devices on the market, pin-outs also can be different. To solve this, we use our special equipment -- a logic analyzer -- to find right pin-out. After we get direct access to the memory chip and have the right raw dump, the data recovery procedure same as for traditional SSD or Flash drive.

Just as a rechargeable battery loses its ability to take a charge after several hundred cycles, non-volatile NAND flash memory chips will also lose their ability to retain data after thousands of write/erase cycles. In most cases, however, a flash memory device stops working because of either a failed component inside the device or physical damage. When this happens, modern software solutions are unable to extract data because the device is inaccessible to the software.

This offer expires 6/28/2024. Call Us Now 1-877-304-7189

USB Flash Data Recovery - Fast and Safe

Ace Data Recovery Services has developed an advanced flash memory recovery process which consists of reading individual NAND flash memory chips into raw images, then applying reverse-engineered error correction and special mapping algorithms to unscramble each image and assembling the numerous unscrambled segments into a single full drive image. The resulting image can then be processed using normal data recovery methods.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flash Data Recovery

Yes, ACE Data Recovery offers professional SD card recovery services to retrieve lost or deleted data from various types of SD cards, including micro SD cards. Our experienced technicians use advanced techniques to recover data from damaged, corrupted, or formatted SD cards.

Absolutely! ACE Data Recovery specializes in SD card data recovery services for all types of file corruption scenarios. Whether your SD card has physical damage, logical issues, or is inaccessible due to corruption, our team can often recover lost files and repair the card to retrieve your valuable data.

Recovering data from an unreadable SD card requires specialized tools and expertise. ACE Data Recovery offers professional sd card recovery services using proprietary methods and software to extract data from unreadable SD cards. Our technicians carefully examine the card's memory to reconstruct lost files and restore them securely.

Attempting to recover data from a damaged SD card without formatting is recommended to avoid further data loss or damage. ACE Data Recovery provides safe and secure micro SD card recovery services, ensuring your data remains intact throughout the recovery process. Our experts can often recover data from physically damaged SD cards without the need for formatting, preserving your files and folders.

Yes, ACE Data Recovery provides specialized micro SD card recovery services that can often recover deleted photos and other files from micro SD cards. Our experienced technicians utilize advanced techniques and tools to retrieve lost data, including deleted photos, from micro SD cards in various conditions.

With ACE Data Recovery, your data is in professional hands whether you have a USB Flash drive, SD Card, Memory Stick, or the newest SSD drive. If you have lost your data and are in need of flash file recovery, flash memory recovery, usb flash recovery, or flash disk recovery, in addition to recovery many types of Data... give us a ring today or get started right now!

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