May, 2016

Data migration: is it possible to go without loss?

Very often, when it comes to data migration, people think of humongous servers and big companies. Nevertheless, an average data storage device owner bothers him/herself with mentioned procedure at least once in two-three years.

Suppose, you got yourself a new desktop, laptop or shiny iOS gadget. What would you think about first and foremost? Of course, you will think about data migration! It's so nice to have all your personal files on a brand new device, isn't it?

Nonetheless, both upgrading data storage devices and file migration are a sort of a long shot. Especially when it comes to smartphones, desktops, laptops and servers. It may seem surprising, but in many cases people lose their files when try to upgrade soft on a laptop or desktop. Catastrophic server-related data loss can also happen during the data migration process.

How to prevent severe data loss: a few quick tips

Perhaps, the most reliable way to save your files harmless is to make a regular backup your habit. Seriously, if don't want to deal with data recovery service providers, it would be nice to create a couple of databanks outside your desktop or portable gadget.

Feel free to use the following tips to ensure your data safety:
  • Think of the best backup strategy and set a weekly backup schedule;
  • Make sure your latest backup files are ok and contain no damaged files;
  • Make some time to develop proper data recovery plan in a case of a need;
  • Ensure, you've added phone number/email of the nearest professional data recovery lab to the recovery plan.

The last point is crucial as only professional data recovery companies can retrieve data from a damaged or faulty data storage device. Though, if you have a couple of most recent backup files ready to hand, you have nothing to worry about!