March, 2023

Synology Announces RackStation RS2423+/RS2423RP+ 2U 12-Bay NAS for SMBs

NAS Data Recovery Synology

Synology has announced the addition of RackStation RS2423+ and RS2423RP+ NAS to the versatile and cost-effective Plus series systems. The 2U 12-bay RS2423(RP)+ NAS are ideal data management and backup solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as branch offices.

Offering a performance increase over its predecessor with sequential read/write speeds of over 3,500/1,700 MB/s, the RS2423(RP)+ NAS packs a punch. This device features built-in 10GbE connectivity along with 2 x 1GbE ports with support for additional 10/25GbE networking. The 12-bays of RackStation RS2423+ NAS support up to 216 TB of total storage capacity and can be expanded to 24 bays with a RX1223RP Expansion Unit for up to 432 TB of storage.

The two gigabit Ethernet ports of RS2423(RP)+ NAS can be bonded with Link Aggregation to enable automatic network failover and load balancing while two RS2423(RP)+ units can be paired using Synology High Availability to form a reliable active/passive server cluster, maximizing service uptime. Additionally, the Synology RS2423RP+ NAS features a redundant power supply for an extra edge in service continuity.

RS2423(RP)+ NAS includes a suite of reliable file management, sharing, and synchronization solutions. In addition to fast, local access to files, Synology Drive enables easy cross-platform access to file management and sharing tools.

Synology Surveillance Station is a powerful and flexible VMS with support for over 8,300 validated and ONVIF-certified IP cameras. Up to 50 cameras can be connected to each RS2423(RP)+ NAS and larger deployments can be created by linking multiple Synology servers using the central management system built into Surveillance Station.

The versatile RackStation RS2423(RP)+ NAS provides efficient data and IT infrastructure backup with support for backup and recovery of Windows PC/Servers, VMware and Hyper-V VMs, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace SaaS, and more — all accessible through a single intuitive interface.

The RS2423(RP)+ NAS is backed by Synology's three-year hardware warranty. With strong performance out of the box and flexible configuration and expansion options, the Synology RS2423+ and RS2423RP+ NAS are the perfect storage solutions for growing businesses, but they can also fail and make critical business data inaccessible.

If that happens, the owners of the Synology RackStation RS2423+/RS2423RP+ NAS will need to contact a professional NAS data recovery services provider to get their irreplaceable data back. ACE Data Recovery has been providing high-quality data recovery services for more than 35 years. ACEs can successfully recover data from all types of storage devices, including Synology NAS. ACE Data Recovery engineers are ready to help the Synology RackStation RS2423+/RS2423RP+ NAS owners with their data recovery needs.