Business Critical Response Data Recovery Services

We understand that time can be an issue, and we offer 24/7/365 Business Critical Response data recovery services. A Business Critical Response recovery is defined as a recovery conducted after normal business hours when key resources must be scheduled and your data recovered in the timeliest manner possible. Our normal business hours are from 7AM to 7PM CST Monday through Friday.

For after hours business critical response, please call us at 214-924-6291. A scheduling fee of $900 per engineer is required before we can start the recovery process. There is also an expedited diagnostic fee, which starts at $269. This fee is separate from the Critical Response scheduling fee. The total cost of the recovery project will depend on the complexity of the recovery. Please call us for more details.

Emergency data recovery services

When Data Recovery Needs to be Done ASAP and Right the First Time
Time is money. The faster we can recover your data, the sooner you can go back to making money. Our Business Critical Response data recovery services are available when your data needs to be recovered NOW. Our facilities are equipped with class 10 and 100 clean environments, and our engineers have many years of experience in data recovery. This allows us to efficiently handle any data loss situation helping businesses get up and running again.

Remote Data Recovery is Fast, Secure, and Cost-Effective Data Recovery Solution
Every enterprise data recovery case gets our special attention because we understand how important your business data is. When mission critical data is deleted or damaged, but the media is stable and functioning properly, remote data recovery might be the best and only choice. A scheduling fee of $900 per engineer is required before we can start the remote data recovery process. An expedited remote recovery diagnostic fee of $399 is separate from the scheduling fee.

Onsite Emergency Data Recovery Services
We can dispatch a team of our data recovery engineers to your site to assist you with removing or imaging your media. However, most data recovery cases require our specialized clean rooms and professional equipment that we have in our labs.