July, 2023

Synology BeeDrive: A Powerful and Compact NAS Storage Solution

The Synology , a renowned manufacturer of Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers, has leveraged its extensive experience in hardware and software solutions to identify an untapped market opportunity. The result of their efforts is the Synology BeeDrive.

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Synology BeeDrive Impressive Performance

Impressively, the BeeDrive achieves exceptional performance in terms of data transfer speeds. During a comprehensive speed test, the device demonstrated impressive sequential read speeds of up to 832MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 881MB/s. Such impressive speeds, especially for a device of its compact size, make the BeeDrive an excellent choice for tasks such as video editing and game storage.

A Comprehensive Backup Solution

Nevertheless, the BeeDrive offers more than just rapid file storage and retrieval capabilities. Primarily intended as a backup hub, the BeeDrive requires users to install the dedicated BeeDrive app on their computers to access a suite of comprehensive file backup features. Presently, the BeeDrive Desktop app is available exclusively for Windows computers, with Synology planning to release a macOS version in the future.

Upon installing the BeeDrive app, users are prompted to either register or sign in to their Synology accounts. Once authenticated, they are presented with three options to initiate file backup: Computer Backup, File Sync, and Mobile Backup.

Computer Backup to BeeDrive

The Computer Backup feature is self-explanatory, enabling users to select specific folders or drives on their computers for backup to the Synology BeeDrive. The backup process commences as soon as the BeeDrive is connected to the computer, and subsequently, any new files added to the selected folders are automatically included in the backup.

BeeDrive File Sync

Similarly, File Sync allows users to determine how files are synchronized between their computers and the BeeDrive NAS. This feature provides flexibility in choosing whether the BeeDrive's files should replace those on the computer or vice versa. Such functionality proves invaluable for individuals who work across multiple devices, as it allows them to set up different sync folders and directions according to their needs.

What sets Computer Backup and File Sync apart from conventional backup solutions is the File version feature. This feature discreetly stores up to five versions of each file in a hidden folder on the BeeDrive, empowering users to restore previous versions as required.

Synology Mobile Backup

The Mobile Backup functionality enables users to effortlessly back up their phone's photo album to the BeeDrive via a Wi-Fi connection. Similar to DS Photo, a feature found in Synology's NAS servers, this process requires users to download the BeeDrive mobile app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once installed, users scan the provided QR code on their computer screen using the mobile app. As long as both the mobile device and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, the BeeDrive mobile app seamlessly and automatically backs up the phone's photos to the BeeDrive. Additionally, Synology has considerately incorporated the capability to convert HEIC files to JPG format for iPhone users during the photo backup process.

Synology BeeDrive portable NAS Powerful Features

The BeeDrive app offers a range of powerful features beyond simple backup solutions. Notably, the most powerful feature offered by the BeeDrive app is BeeDrop. This feature allows users to effortlessly send files, photos, and instant camera shots to the BeeDrive without the hassle of cables or intricate configurations.

For users seeking a comprehensive hardware solution without the need to invest in a recovery from NAS server or subscribe to monthly cloud storage services, the BeeDrive presents an enticing option. However, it is worth noting that Synology's storage capacity options for the BeeDrive are somewhat limited, leaving potential customers yearning for higher storage capacities.

Data recovery services for Synology portable NAS server

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Here are some additional things to keep in mind if you've lost data from your Synology portable NAS server:

  • Don't format or overwrite the affected disks.
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