Intel Storage Technologies Data Recovery Services

Intel provides wide range of storage solutions for enterprise and consumer market. Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) offers improved performance and data reliability for disk-intensive read/write operations with advantages of SATA\SAS integration on the chipset for system builder, include a reduction in TCO, fewer devices, leading to better real performance of server and workstation motherboards. With faster CPU cores available, software RAID with RSTe 3.0 driver can run at speeds faster that hundreds of dollars hardware based systems.

Intel Data Recovery ServicesIntel Corporation is market leader of solid-state drives, targeting enterprise data center, professional workstations, and consumer products. Intel SSDs provide outstanding performance, one of the highest levels of reliability, and are manufactured by one of the NAND technology industry leader. 3D NAND technology jointly developed by Intel and Micron, build layers of data cells vertically with three times higher capacity than current NAND manufacturing process. 3D provides more data to be stored in cost savings smaller space, low power usage and higher performance of mobile devices as well as the most demanding enterprise solutions.

Free external hard drive or usb flash with each completed recovery

In ACE Data Recovery, we do our best to retrieve your data efficiently from any Intel or Intel OEM devices. Besides retrieving your files quickly, we also value the quality of work. For those in need of data recovery from Intel devices, our company provides a wide range of data recovery services including Rapid Storage Technology RAID arrays, Data Center, Professional or Consumer Family SSD data recovery.

Intel RAID Smart Response Technology is a feature that recognizes and automatically stores in into a high performance Solid State Drives cache most frequently used data while providing customers full access to the large storage capacity of a hard drives.

Intel Data Recovery Services
The Intel® Solid State Drive Professional Family was designed for needs of reliable, high-speed storage with manageable security features.

Intel Data Recovery Services
Affordable Consumer Family Intel® SSD bring computer to a new level with fast boot time and application launches, and make consumers assured that data is safe from drops and bumps.

Intel Data Recovery Services