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External HDD Data Recovery in San Mateo, California In spite of the fact that San Mateo is a part of the world-famous Silicon Valley and one of the largest suburbs of San Francisco, lots of computer owners there are still convinced the Recycle Bin makes a sort of "final authority" in data processing. In particular, some PC users in San Mateo believe it's impossible to recover any file if it was completely removed from the Windows Bin.
For its part, ACE Data Recovery specialists insist it is possible to recover files even if the Recycle Bin is emptied! And furthermore, retrieving critical user files from the completely dead HDDs, SSDs, RAID/NAS arrays and other primal and secondary data storage devices makes a challenge real data recovery experts can cope with.
For all PC and Mac owners in San Mateo, CA, be it an individual user or business owner, ACE Data Recovery lab offers wide range of the A-grade data retrieval solutions developed by a team of certified engineers with extensive hands-on experience in field of hard drive repair and files recovery. The advanced technologies, used by ACEs, allow to save every single piece of intact user info even from severely damaged desktop drives, SSD units, RAID servers, NAS clouds and portable "smart" devices.

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For your convenience, ACE Data Recovery has an office in Mountain View, CA. Whenever you're ready to start a free diagnostic evaluation of your media, call us at 1-877-304-7189, bring your storage device to our Mountain View, CA office, and be sure your data is in professionals hands.

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I had a PC Hard drive failure (western digital caviar from . The drive was spinning but did not register in Windows/BIOS. Diagnosed as a head failure. On it was all of my digital photos and music. Total disaster. I dropped it off in person, the drive was returned to me via USPS in less than 2 weeks. $1300 for 500GB of recovery. 99.999% of data was recovered. A costly mistake for not backing up my data, but these guys rescued me big time.

Read it on the Yelp Rated Hard Drive Recovery Rating 5.0 on 8/5/2014

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To retrieve important information from faulty hard disk drives, solid-state drives, RAID, NAS, JBOD, smartphones and tablets, many IT-savvy San Mateo residents call on ACE Data Recovery specialists. The reason is, DIY practices can't be relied upon when it comes to fragile user data retrieval.

To cope with different kinds of the drive failures, ACE Data Recovery experts use specific hardware tools and strategies. In case of need ACEs can even develop case-related solutions in the proprietary state-of-the-art lab.

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San Mateo, CA hard disk drive, SSD and RAID Recovery Location If you still don't believe it's possible to recover your data from old home PC or the latest Apple device, call ACE Data Recovery support center and order A-grade data recovery services for fair price.
The price policy of ACE Data Recovery, based on pay-for-performance principle, makes professional data retrieval affordable for individuals and businesses in San Mateo, CA. Anyway, you can always count on a free estimate BEFORE the data recovery itself.
Advanced laboratory, unique Physical Drive and System Track libraries, polite staff and qualified technical services - everything is available for ACE Data Recovery customers. In addition, there's a nice surprise for those PC and Mac owners in San Mateo who care about their data privacy: the company is equipped enough to do without tasks outsourcing, so, all operations with a faulty data storage platforms are performed in-house.
If your desktop, RAID server or portable hard drive is in trouble, let ACE Data Recovery know about that. They have thousand and one ways to carefully retrieve intact files from a defective storage.

We are able to recover your data from various brands, types of media and technologies, including, but not limited to: