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Dell Data Recovery ServicesAs the industry leader in data recovery, ACE Data Recovery has provided reliable and professional data recovery solutions for over 35 years serving clients from all over the world. Through our partner agreement with Dell, we are officially authorized and recommended to retrieve data from Dell laptops and tablets, desktop computers, servers and storage products. With extensive experience, advanced technologies, state-of-the-art-facilities, and competitive pricing, ACE Data Recovery represents the best choice for Dell customers.

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Laptops and tablets are now used daily by millions of people. Users store terabytes of their valuable personal and business data on these devices. Laptops and notebook are far more susceptible to data loss than desktop computers as they are more often dropped by their owners or simply “mysteriously stop functioning.” ACE Data Recovery engineers can deal with both physical and logical hard drive and SSD failures and can retrieve any types of files even from a severely damaged Dell laptop or tablet.
A failure of an internal hard drive inside your Dell desktop computer can happen at any time. Without a back-up, data loss is not a matter of if, but when. When critical data suddenly becomes inaccessible or appears to be lost, a professional data recovery company can quickly get it back. ACE Data Recovery is one the oldest data recovery companies in the world and has the experience in retrieving data from all models of Dell desktop computers no matter what the cause of the data loss is.
In the modern digital world, there isn’t a company that can fully function without data stored on a digital storage media. Dell PowerEdge servers are great data storage solutions that help businesses rapidly respond to their organizations needs. However, even best RAIDs can experience issues that can potentially result in a loss of business critical data. Take a minute to look at the case study about Dell PowerEdge R710 RAID 5 Array data recovery performed by ACE Data Recovery RAID experts.
Our engineers perform RAID data recovery for Dell Enterprise customers from all Dell storage products, including PowerEdge servers, PowerVault DAS, EqualLogic and EMC SANs, and Storage NX NAS appliances. If your RAID has stopped working because of the multiple drive failures, natural disaster or human error, contact the experts for a free consultation. If volumes are logically damaged, the data recovery process can be performed remotely at your site. If there is an issue with the drives, your data will be recovered in one of our state-of-the-art data recovery laboratories.

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