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Hard Disk Data Recovery in Port St. Lucie, Florida Is your media device protected? Do you have a backup of your data? Even if the answer to both questions is yes, that doesn't mean that you are not in danger of losing valuable data. Accidents happened, viruses break through anti-virus programs or you simply press the delete button without taking into consideration how important that data was for you. If these scenarios look too familiar to you, we advise you not to panic. All you need to do is to visit ACE Data Recovery and let the professionals take care of your lost data.

ACE Data Recovery is a company that has been working with hard drives, RAIDs, solid state drives, flash drives, and tapes for over 30 years. We offer you the following:

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • SSD Data Recovery
  • RAID Data Recovery
  • Virtualization Recovery
  • Exchange Server
  • SQL Server Recovery
  • Tape Data Retrieval
  • Flash Media Recovery
  • File Systems Recovery


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For your convenience, ACE Data Recovery has an office in Miami, FL. Whenever you're ready to start a free diagnostic evaluation of your media, call us at 1-877-304-7189, bring your storage device to our Miami, FL office, and be sure your data is in professionals hands.

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We took our mirrored drive with valuable video on to ACE. Don checked us in, listened our situation, followed up with a clear and detailed evaluation. The team was able to fully recover all of our data even though it was an encryption issue. We got updates and great followup. We also learned some best practices for future storage plans. Thanks to Don, Jessica, John , and the whole team at ACE . Having problems with a Drive is one of those things that you do not want to have happen. But if it does , Ace Date Recovery is THE place to go.

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Our Data Recovery Service Center at Miami, FL for Port St. Lucie's clients

Experienced Port St. Lucie, FL Data Recovery

Our company has a track record of 98% of successful data restoration out of the total number of projects we have gotten approval to work on. We don't have to tell you more, the numbers speak for us!
Our headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas so every media device from our Service Center in Miami, FL, including the devices from Port St. Lucie, is sent to our main full-service lab. This laboratory is equipped according to the highest standards and has special monitors installed to control the quality of the air and the level of contamination. This allows is us to prevent further damage to the media device and protect the restored data.

Data Recovery in Port St. Lucie, FL - Give us a Call to Get Started

Port St. Lucie, FL RAID 5 Data Recovery Location The entire process is fairly simple. First you will need to bring your media device to us. We need 24 to 48 hours to detect the problem and see if it something we are able to fix. Then we will contact you with a quote for the process of restoration and with your approval we will start work. Depending on the media device and the problem we require 2 to 5 business days to give you the expected results. In addition we have a "No data, No charge" policy, so if we are not able to give you back your data we won't charge you anything for trying.
Every recovery process is carried out in our private laboratory, so you can be sure that the confidentiality of your data will never be compromised. If your data needs rescuing, please do not hesitate to contact us!

ACE Data provides hard drive recovery on a full range of HDDs including internal and external hard drives of all sizes, makes and models.Our staff have decades of experience in retrieving your files from servers, desktops, laptops or recover external hard drive. Never assume that data on your hard drive was lost forever, no matter what it has been through. We can retrieve any data even from storage devices that other data recovery companies deem “unrecoverable”.

ACE Data performs recovery services on a full range of solid state drives on any NAND flash memory technologies for all makes and models of laptops, desktop and network storages. Solid state storage devices have no moving parts, so this creates the wrong impression that data is much safer on an SSD. However, this is not the case. SSDs are more vulnerable to some defects than typical HDDs are. SSDs have a limited number of write cycles, leading to potential data loss.

Our dedicated team of RAID data recovery engineers is trained to handle all of the current RAID hardware platforms as well as SAN and NAS appliances commonly utilized in the market today. ACE Data Recovery has extensive experience in recovery from failed RAID's, including parity-distributed and basic spanned or striped volumes. We only require the active members of the array in order to recover lost data - no controllers, cables or enclosures..

ACE Data Recovery has the experience, tools and knowledge base to retrieve your data whether you have a iMac, Mac Pro or Macbook of any model. We don't just recover your individual treasured photos and videos and return them to you in one big unorganized cluster. Unlike the services of our competitors, our data recovery process involves the total retrieval of your library fully intact, not just the individual files. At ACE Data Recovery we know how to rescue and reassemble the broken Time Machine puzzle as well.

We are able to recover your data from various brands, types of media and technologies, including, but not limited to: