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Servers Data Recovery in Washington DC What you should first learn when you lose access to your data is that there are not too many data recovery companies with real clean rooms and qualified engineers in the US. So if you need to retrieve your data and want to entrust your device to a local service provider, you've come to the right place. ACE Data Recovery is one of the pioneer data recovery companies with a full service lab in the Washington, DC area. All recovery procedures are performed in our Falls Church lab by our experienced engineers, but you also have an option to bring your failed device to our Service Center located at 1200 G Street NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC

For over 35 years ACE Data Recovery has served numerous government and military organizations, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals. We offer our customers the most competitive pricing in the industry and a "No Data, No Charge" policy. Our engineering team and friendly customer service staff make every effort to meet our Washington, DC clients' data recovery needs. We recover data from hard drives, RAIDs, solid state drives, flash drives, and tapes and welcome the opportunity to help you with your data recovery case.

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For your convenience, ACE Data Recovery has an office in Washington, DC. Whenever you're ready to start a free diagnostic evaluation of your media, call us at 1-877-304-7189, bring your storage device to our Washington, DC office, and be sure your data is in professionals hands.

Washington, DC ACE Data Recovery:

1200 G Street NW,
Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005 US
Toll Free: +1 877-304-7189
Office hours:8:30am-5:00pm Mon-Fri
Email: Customer Service

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"Excellent service"

Excellent service from knowledgeable engineers and technicians. They maintained dialogue throughout the recovery process and thoroughly explained the process along with the details of the recovery. Not to mention their office is in a cozy commercial complex with a very home'y feel.

Read it on the Yelp Rated Hard Drive Recovery Rating 5.0 on 6/29/2015

Our Data Recovery Service Center at Washington, DC for Washington's clients

Experienced Washington, DC Data Recovery

ACE Data Recovery is equipped to manage data recovery needs of our Washington, DC customers. We are leading the industry in data recovery. Benefiting from more than 35 years of customer satisfaction in the field of data recovery, our highly skilled team of professionals knows how to rescue your critical data and to perform deleted file recovery, hard disk recovery, external hard drive recovery, or any data recovery needed. Highly trained experts can execute RAID recoveries retrieving business data and help business get up and running again. ACE Data Recovery provides unsurpassed customer service to individuals and businesses of Washington, DC.

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Washington DC Hard drive, RAID, and SSD Recovery Location We have Class 10 and Class 100 Clean Rooms and never outsource our cases. Any individual or business in Washington, DC can expect our professionals to provide you the same excellent customer service. Mostly it takes only 24-48 hours until we inform you about the cause of data loss and offer a straightforward price quote. With an impressive 98% successful data recovery rate on approved cases, we master the most difficult instances where other data recovery companies fail.

We are able to recover your data from various brands, types of media and technologies, including, but not limited to: