Dell PowerEdge R710 RAID 5 Array Recovered By ACE Data Recovery After Power Outage

A publisher in Los Angeles, CA had the misfortune of experiencing a power outage that disabled two Seagate SAS hard drives in the Dell PowerEdge R710 Server RAID 5 array. One of the drives failed completely while the other one was found being unstable. Newspaper publishers have very tight deadlines to meet and simply cannot afford setbacks in the technology they use. As soon as they realized they had an issue, they began to seek out a solution.

PERC H710 Array Data Recovery First, the team called Dell Enterprise tech support. Dell’s support team suggested to rebuild the array with a hot spare drive but soon discovered that the process was ineffective due to the unstable media on the second drive. The client hosted 6 business critical SQL databases on this server. There was an automated database backup system in place, but it was on the same array, powered by PERC H710P controller. The situation was not looking good. Fortunately, Dell’s tech support team recommended ACE Data Recovery as a certified business partner. So, the team sent over their drives to Dallas, TX for a free evaluation by ACE’s RAID recovery specialists.

When the ACE received the drives and performed a preliminary evaluation, they contacted the publisher to let them know that the outcome looked very promising. The publisher gave ACE the go-ahead and the team promptly went to work.

PowerEdge R710 RAID 5 Data Recovery ACE’s team of engineers carefully examined the device in their state-of-the-art facility to find that the failed Seagate drive was outdated. It failed from the PERC H710P RAID array long time ago and could not be used in the data extraction process. Therefore, the PERC RAID was used in critical state until the second drive dropped from the PowerEdge server array. After data recovery engineers had got an image of the unstable drive, all clients’ databases were extracted and checked for the consistency. ACE Data Recovery successfully retrieved all of the data and sent it back to the customer on a brand new external hard drive. From the arrival of the device at the ACE facility to returning the recovered data to the customer, the entire process took 6 days, a result that is not uncommon, even for jobs like these.

Michael, the owner of the newspaper publishing company, wrote the following about the results: "ACE successfully recovered my entire RAID that went down to due to a faulty UPS. Shipped the defective unit to Dallas - they sent back all my data on a 4TB external drive. Took about 1 week. Absolute life saver."

If you have ever found yourself in this situation, you already know how important it is to get this process right the first time or else risk losing your data entirely. ACE Data Recovery’s team leverages over 30 years of experience and state-of-the-art facilities. Send in your device for a free evaluation. If you approve the results of the free evaluation, ACE’s data recovery specialists will work on your device just like in the above example. And, if no viable data is recovered, you will not be charged a service fee, thanks to ACE’s "No Data – No Charge" policy. Contact ACE today and get your data back the right way!