ACE Data Recovery Announces Breakthrough Tape Data Recovery Technology

Dallas, TX - June 27, 2016 - ACE Data Recovery, the industry leader in tape restoration, RAID array and hard drive recovery, announced the company has moved to the new skill level in retrieving data from LTO/DLT/Super DLT magnetic tape data storage format. Its latest solution, TapeX Workshop software pack, allows extracting inaccessible and overwritten files from tapes backed up by any software available on the IT market. This includes Backup Exec, EMC NetWorker, NetBackup, Arcserve, Yosemite Server Backup, CommVault Galaxy, Retrospect, Bacula, Amanda, Backupninja, Backuppc, UrBackup, etc.

Most companies don’t have equipment to read old tape formats or try to recover data from tapes on their own causing irrecoverable data loss. To enhance efficiency of tape recovery procedures and avoid further damage, ACE Data Recovery has perfected TapeX Workshop software pack.

"Businesses seek reliable and cost-efficient solutions to extract critical data from physically damaged, overwritten and outdated tapes,” said Charles Walker, the CEO of the company. “Thanks to TapeX Workshop, it is now possible to recover data from tapes to higher-end storage units at minimum risk of data corruption. This software has been created with a focus on business continuity."

Throughout the years, ACE Data Recovery worked closely with the world's premier tape recovery expert and owner of Data Recovery International, Inc, William King, who passed away last year. Bill was one of the pioneers of tape data recovery and spent years with Graham Magnetics developing media coatings and helping to write various standards for the tape industry. Over the years, Bill mentored several key engineers at ACE Data Recovery and shared his skills and secrets of tape recovery with the technical leadership at ACE.

With the TapeX Workshop software pack and engineers’ advanced capabilities, the company can extract and transfer data from overwritten LTO and DLT tapes, tapes with software problems or backup failures, and physically damaged tapes maintaining the correct directory structure and file names.

About ACE Data Recovery:

ACE Data Recovery provides services to businesses and individuals who experience data loss due to storage device failures, software corruption, human error or natural disasters. Since 1981, the company has recovered data from HDD, SSD, RAID, SAN, NAS, flash drives, tapes and other media. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, the company has three additional labs and numerous Service Centers in the US and Canada. For more information, visit or call 877-304-7189.