ACE Data Recovery Introduces Its DDA-Reader

Dallas, Texas, 08/22/2011 -- ACE Data Recovery constantly works to improve existing recovery methods and provide innovative data recovery solutions to businesses, individuals, and partners. Today we are proud to introduce our "DDA-Reader" device which was designed to increase the chances of a successful data recovery from damaged storage media and to extend the capabilities for controlling an imaging process. Opposite to traditional recovery methods, the "DDA-Reader" board allows engineers to obtain valuable data from hard drives more efficiently and more quickly than ever before.

In the past, when a hard drive experienced major physical damage, sometimes it was not possible to get critical information back even after a head rack assembly had been replaced. However, through extensive research, Data Recovery Services' engineers have now found the way to solve this problem with the invention of an alternative recovery device that gives them more flexibility in the data retrieval process. With our "DDA Reader" we have made one more step toward a 100% success rate and will continue to create new tools to perform recoveries on new devices in an effort to anticipate our customers' needs for the future.

We realize that when critical data is lost, nothing is more important than a timely response and an effective recovery. Because of this, Data Recovery Services constantly invests in the development of superior hardware and software which enables us to succeed where other companies fail. At Data Recovery Services, we do everything possible to be the best at what we do and offer advanced technologies that bring our clients the outstanding benefits they need and expect.

About ACE Data Recovery
ACE Data Recovery is part of ACE Data Group LLC. . ACE Data Recovery maintains a nationwide presence and offers businesses and consumers data recovery services for all types of digital media. Data Recovery Services, headquartered in Dallas, also has full laboratory facilities in Houston. For more information about ACE Data Recovery or this offer, please call 1-877-304-7189 or visit the website