ACE Data Recovery Announces Service Center Expansion to Canada

Dallas, TX - May 3, 2016 - ACE Data Recovery, a subdivision of ACE Data Group, LLC, announced the grand opening of six Service Centers in major cities of Canada: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver, and Calgary. Just as Service Centers in the US, they are staffed with personnel ready to assist customers with starting a data recovery case.

For over 35 years ACE Data Recovery has successfully provided professional data recovery services to corporations and individuals globally. The company specializes in extracting data from an extensive range of failed and damaged storage devices and servers and offers hard drive recovery and RAID data recovery, SAN and NAS recovery, SSD data retrieval services as well as tape data recovery. ACE Data Recovery will now offer instant access to one of the most experienced and successful data recovery service providers in the world to thousands of users in Canada. Expanding to six Service Centers in Canada allocates the company’s commitment to assist their customers outside the United States.

"Our mission is to provide reliable and cost-efficient solutions to Canadian users affected by data loss. We would like Canadians to be scrupulous while seeking a data restore service vendor. Data recovery companies are not equal and vary in their professional qualifications," said Charles Walker, the CEO of ACE Data Group. "We want our customers to be educated about our services. A well informed client will be able to describe an issue properly and understand the validity of our solution for them. As a result, our specialists will have a greater possibility of recovery in the most effective way."

About ACE Data Recovery

ACE Data Recovery is one of the top data recovery service providers specializing in extracting a wide range of files from failed and damaged storage devices and gadgets including HDD, SSD, RAID, SAN, NAS, USB flash drives, and tapes. Since its inception in 1981, ACE has had an international vision to assist thousands of customers globally, including Europe, Australia and Canada. The enormous amount of cases from Canadian users forced the company to open six Service Centers in Canada on May, 1st, 2016.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, with additional labs in Falls Church, VA, Houston, TX, Chicago, IL and Toronto, ON, the company also has Service Centers in many major metropolitan areas. For additional information, please visit or call 877-304-7189.