ACE Data Recovery Retrieves Critical Data for Fortune 500 Corporation

DALLAS, TX- October 28, 2016 - ACE Data Recovery successfully completed an emergency recovery case for Fortune 500 company that unexpectedly lost access to its critical data on Friday afternoon. To reduce the downtime and guarantee the fastest turnaround possible, the recovery was performed over the weekend and took less than 48 hours.

Failed Dell PowerWault data recovery Teamwork is one of the major determining factors in success or failure of any business operations. It is particularly important when the teamwork involves a recovery of highly classified data. Recently, an internationally known financial and insurance corporation suffered a RAID 5 failure on a Dell Server storage system. Dell manufactures one of the best and most reliable data storage systems in the word. Unfortunately, even the best systems can be brought down when human error occurs.

The corporation’s senior IT Administrator quickly contacted Dell Enterprise Pro Support to discuss options on getting the system operational and recovering the critical data. After the initial consultation, the Dell technical representative contacted one of their premier data recovery companies – ACE Data Recovery, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. A conference call between the three organizations determined that the failure was a logical issue. The corporation decided to go with ACE Data Recovery after consulting with Don Wells, the company’s General Manager about recovery successes and important internal security protocols. ACE Data Recovery guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of customer data at all times, works under NDA and never uses its clients’ names without their permission.

Due to the sensitivity of the files and the critical need for quick response, the two RAID 5’-s media, totaling nine drives, were hand carried to Dallas, TX. ACE Data Recovery’s Tier 3 RAID engineer, Fedir Bandurin, immediately performed the diagnostic revealing severe logical issues with the data. It is important to understand that recovery of file system corruption can sometimes be more complex than hard drive failure recoveries.

The diagnostic discovered that High Availability SAS cluster nodes were misconfigured. The same physical disk drives inside a PowerVault enclosure were connected to two PERC RAID controllers. One controller was configured with a stripe size of 128 sectors, but the other one – with a stripe size of 256 sectors. When the cluster had switched to the second node, the PERC RAID controller started a consistency check of the RAID array with a stripe size of 256 sectors instead of 128. However, the rebuild was interrupted in the middle of the process. After an operating system reboot with the bad RAID configuration, a file system repair utility was started and also was not finished. As a result of these actions, the NTFS file system was completely ruined.

Although the file system structure was destroyed, most of the data files were intact. By utilizing the proprietary hardware and customized software developed for this particular case, Mr. Bandurin successfully reconstructed the file system and extracted 100% of the critical data which was immediately returned to the client. Mr. Wells stated: “This was not an extremely complex RAID recovery on its own, but, the sensitivity, security, as well as the urgency of obtaining the data made it one of our most interesting recoveries. Our engineers are always ready to work on a recovery case around the clock as we understand how important the data can be.”

About ACE Data Recovery:

ACE Data Recovery, the leader in enterprise data recovery, provides services to businesses and individuals who experience data loss due to hard drive failures, software corruption, human error or natural disasters. Since 1981, the company has recovered data from all types of media including HDD, SSD, RAID, SAN, NAS, flash drives, and tapes. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, with additional labs in Falls Church, VA, Houston, TX, and Chicago, IL, the company has over 30 service centers in major metropolitan areas in USA and Canada. For additional information call 877-304-7189.