Western Digital MY PASSPORT ULTRA Mechanical Issues

Hard Drive Recovery WD My Passport Ultra

Mechanical issues make one of the most common reasons for users to contact ACE Data Recovery. Rahul from a software development company at Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089 decided to bring his Western Digital My Passport Ultra hard drive to our specialists in Chicago lab after his device "suddenly stopped working." Moreover, Rahul reported a clear clicking sound coming from inside of the hard disk drive in question. The test results of the failed Western Digital My Passport Ultra showed that there was a problem with a Head Rack Assembly (HRA). HRA is a mechanism inside the hard disk drive cavity responsible for proper read-write heads functioning. Luckily, the device looked recoverable.
In a clean room environment, ACE Data Recovery technicians managed to disassemble Rahul's Western Digital My Passport Ultra external drive and swap failed HRA to a new one taken from a donor data storage device. Although the mentioned procedure couldn't fix the client’s hard drive itself, it allowed our engineers to access the device's raw data dump and to process it in order to extract user’s critical files. After the image of the hard disk drive was created, all Rahul’s data was successfully retrieved, copied to an alternative data storage device and given back to the client.

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