Data recovery from failed Seagate 9SEAN2 Expansion external HDD.

Hard Drive Recovery Seagate 9SEAN2 Expansion

The following hard drive problem was reported by Reginald from Dallas, TX, 75212. The client decided to contact ACE Data Recovery after his Seagate 9SEAN2 PERSONAL STORAGE external hard drive ceased to power up. Wasting no time, Reginald called a few data recovery companies and decided to let ACE Data Recovery restore critical data from his failed media. The test results for his faulty data storage device showed that the drive failed because of the controller. Just FYI, the controller is a fully-featured computer with its own memory, firmware, and CPU. Among the primary purposes of the mechanism is head-rack positioning, encoding data for read/write operations, keeping track of media errors and some others.

A hard drive with a failed drive controller may be subject to various faults and failures including the inability to power on the computer. The only way to fix the issue and get client's files off a faulty storage device is to replace the damaged mechanism. This procedure doesn't actually fix the drive but allows specialists to acquire the raw data (sectors) for the further recovery. In a cleanroom environment ACE Data Recovery engineers swapped the drive controller on Reginald's Seagate 9SEAN2 Expansion to a new one taken from a donor device. As a result, all data was successfully extracted, copied to a brand new data storage device and given back to the client.

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