Data Recovery Services announces partnership with CompTIA

Dallas, Texas, 07/20/2010 -- ACE Data Recovery, established hard drive recovery specialists, is announcing a strategic partnership with CompTIA, the world's foremost information technology professionals. The deal will give CompTIA certified members access to priority data recovery services, special discounted prices and an increased chance to save valuable data.

This partnership will make it easier, faster and more affordable for CompTIA members to access professional data recovery engineers and prevent permanent data loss. The actions taken immediately following a hard drive crash, RAID failure or data overwrite situation are critically important to the hard drive data recovery process. Having easy access to a professional data recovery service can be the difference between a full recovery and a complete loss of information.

"This partnership will give CompTIA certified members unobstructed access to the most advanced data recovery engineers in the world," said Charles Walker, CEO of ACE Data Group, parent company of Data Recovery Services.
"Taking the correct steps right away, and not dealing with inexperienced technicians or incorrect information, will increase the data recovery success rate for CompTIA members and recover more data."

Data Recovery Services is a leading provider of hard drive and RAID data recovery. CompTIA members will now have an immediate connection to trained data recovery personnel who will be able to correctly diagnose data loss situations and provide technicians with the information needed to take the correct next steps. In many cases this will involve sending the hard drive or other storage media to Data Recovery Services for a professional recovery.
Data Recovery Services is also offering a special discount to all CompTIA members in order to make the recovery process more affordable. Data Recovery Services is also providing special priority recovery services and other benefits to increase the likelihood of successful hard drive recovery cases.
The partnership will also assist those with failed RAID systems. Taking the wrong steps when a RAID has failed can be catastrophic for critical data. CompTIA certified members are experienced IT professionals who understand that proper procedure is vital when dealing with damaged or failed RAID systems. The partnership between CompTIA and Data Recovery Services will lead to a substantial increase in successful data recovery situations and much less data will be lost.

ACE Data Recovery is part of ACE Data Group LLC. Since 1981 ACE Data Recovery has been using proprietary skills and technology to recover data from failed hard drives, RAID systems and other storage media. The company employs the most technically-advanced data recovery engineers in the world. ACE Data Recovery is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and also has full lab facilities in Houston. ACE Data Recovery works with clients nationwide to recover lost or inaccessible data.

CompTIA was founded in 1982 to support and advance the global information technology industry. The group provides certification programs for information technology professionals. CompTIA has offices in the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, China, India, Japan, South Africa, South Korea and the United Kingdom.