September, 2019

Toshiba Nearline HDD Shipment & Capacity Sets New Company Record In 2CQ21

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Toshiba has announced that for a second consecutive quarter, the company posted a 30+% Q-Q growth in nearline HDD unit shipment and capacity shipped. Toshiba’s nearline HDD shipments and exabytes reached 2.79 million and 34.15 that represents sequential growth of 32% and 33%, respectively. According to TRENDFOCUS’ new report, Toshiba’s four-quarter average unit and capacity shipped growth rates for nearline HDDs led all companies at 35% and 46%, respectively. Additionally, Toshiba was the only company to post growth rates higher than the industry’s four-quarter average.

Due to strong cloud and OEM demand, demand for nearline storage has been on a rise, with enterprise hard disks remaining the mainstream because no cost-effective alternatives are available. And the initial launch of the Chia cryptocurrency fueled new incremental channel requirements. So all the manufacturers of nearline HDDs, including Toshiba, are developing technologies to increase their capacity.

TRENDFOCUS’ report shows that total nearline HDD shipments topped 19 million units in 2CQ21, smashing the previous record of 17.19 million set in 1CQ20. And for the first time, nearline enterprise hard driveves exabytes shipped surpassed the 200 mark as it reached 243 exabytes for the quarter.

Toshiba’s competitive nearline HDD product line up is lifting the company to new records. Moreover, Toshiba's FC-MAMR (Flux Control – Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording) technology that is used in its 18TB (MG-09) nearline hard drives product provides a robust foundation to build upon for its next-generation products.

Toshiba offers a comprehensive portfolio of HDD products that address the storage needs of enterprise, datacenter, surveillance, and client markets. Toshiba produces innovative HDD models that focus on four primary market segments. The AL Series focuses on the Enterprise Performance segment; the MG Series is aimed at Enterprise Capacity and Data Center needs; the MQ Series covers the broad spectrum of use cases that require Mobile Client HDDs; and the DT Series addresses the surveillance and traditional Desktop Client use cases.

Toshiba nearline HDDs feature various technical innovations, reducing the total cost of ownership for data centers, but hdd can also fail like any other storage, which means downtime for businesses. In such cases, companies that use the Toshiba nearline HDDs will need to contact a professional data recovery services provider like ACE Data Recovery to get their critical data back. ACEs can boast of the highest success rate in the industry and are ready to help the owners of Toshiba.