August, 2019

Synology Announces new FlashStation and DiskStation Models for All-flash Arrays

Popular network attached storage (NAS) vendor Synology launched 2 new enterprise-grade and 1 prosumer-grade storage solution this week, with an emphasis on Flash storage, as workloads with high random I/O increasingly require all-flash arrays to meet ever-increasing performance demands. These models are successors to the existing ones with a name change in the product series to better distinguish among high-end rackmount servers.

The FlashStation FS6400 is a 2U rackmount server equipped with dual Intel Xeon Silver 4110 2.1 GHz eight-core CPUs, and ships with 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4 ECC RAM, expandable up to 512 GB (16 x 32 GB), with support for 24 2.5" SAS SSD/HDD or SATA SSDs, with 2 10GBASE-T ports and 2 gigabit ethernet onboard, and two open PCIe slots for future expansion. Synology touts it as capable of "240,000 iSCSI 4K random write IOPS," and says it can be expanded using Synology's custom expansion hardware for up to 72 storage drives total. According to the company, the new all-flash storage FS6400 is ideal for your virtualized environments, databases, and web-based applications.

NAS Data Recovery - Synology FS6400

The FlashStation FS3400 is powered by a single Xeon D-1541 8-core CPU at 2.1GHz base/3 GHz turbo, with 16 GB DDR4 ECC RAM, expandable up to 128 GB, with support for 24 2.5" SAS SSD/HDD or SATA SSDs. It comes with two 10GBASE-T ports and 4 gigabit ethernet onboard, and is rated for "more than 137,000 iSCSI 4K random write IOPS in an aggregated 10GbE environment." Like the FS6400, it can be expanded up to 72 drives with the company’s expansion unit.

Synology also announced the SA3400—the successor to the RS18017xs+— which supports up to 16 2.5" drives. Synology touts it as having "an upgraded CPU from 6 to 8 cores and a 50% performance boost in 4K random read IOPS," as well as 2 10GBASE-T ports and 4 gigabit ethernet ports.

The latest Synology product updates aim to deliver performance and storage capacity in a compact form factor but like any storage media, they may fall victim to logical and physical failures. Then businesses and households will need to contact a professional data recovery services provider to get their critical data back. ACE Data Recovery has an extensive experience in recovering data from all types of storage devices, including NAS and can boast of the highest success rate in the industry. ACEs will gladly help the Synology FS6400, FS3400, and SA3400 owners with their data recovery needs.