April, 2022

The New Synology DiskStation DS1621+ NAS

NAS Data Recovery Synology

The Synology DiskStation DS1621+ is a network-attached storage (NAS) that combines power and abundant storage in a compact package, promising to deliver a lot of functionality for small to medium-sized businesses.

The Synology DS1621+ NAS is powered by a quad-core AMD Ryzen V1500B processor, clocked at 2.2GHz. It supports two threads per core instead of just one. One downside to this AMD chip is the lack of hardware transcoding, so this is not really a NAS aimed at users who want higher-end video capabilities. In terms of memory, the DS1621+ supports up to 32GB RAM, but it comes with a single 4GB memory stick installed out of the box. In terms of storage, users can max out the capacity at a whopping 108TB.

The Synology DiskStation DS1621+ NAS has two built-in M.2 2280 NVMe slots, leaving the PCIe x8 slot free for network upgrades. These M.2 slots are for caching drives only, and they can’t actually be used to increase storage capacity. Connectivity options include three USB 3.0 ports and four gigabit LAN ports supporting link aggregation and failover. There are also dual eSATAs that is used for adding external drive bay expansions, and an extra 16 bays and 108TB total is possible.

Much of the value of the Synology DiskStation DS1621+ NAS comes from the software. There are also over 100 different apps available that can add extra functionality. The DS1621+ NAS is aimed at business-oriented tasks, such as storage, RAID data backups and recovery, surveillance, virtual machines and other mid-range server work. A range of NAS-hosted productivity apps are included as part of the DSM OS, including Synology Drive, Calendar, Office.

The Synology DiskStation DS1621+ is a very versatile little business NAS that has a lot to offer, but unfortunately, it may fall victim to NAS logical drive failures, leaving critical business data inaccessible. Then, business owners will need to contact a professional data recovery services provider to get their irreplaceable files and documents back. ACE Data Recovery engineers can successfully recover data from all types of storage devices. ACEs are ready to help the Synology DiskStation DS1621+ NAS owners with their data recovery needs.