October, 2020

Hewlett Packard Enterprise introduced 6 Generation MSA Storage

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the latest generation of its HPE Modular Smart Array (MSA), HPE MSA Gen 6. It is an entry-level hybrid-flash storage solution for small to medium businesses that leans toward performance and automation with a friendlier SMB budget. The new MSA can also be used to easily backup to the cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup.

According to the company, advancements to the HPE MSA Gen 6 architecture deliver benefits that help to meet the needs of SMBs. Here are some of the new features:

  • Hands-free tiering that delivers workload efficiency with improved performance and lower latencies. This feature boosts delivered performance by 2 – 4x compared to hard disk drive (HDD)-only configurations and allows the array to respond to changing workloads utilizing a small number of solid state drives (SSDs). This feature moves the hottest data to the fastest media in real-time, allowing customers to more effectively maximize SSD performance and HDD capacity based on workload needs.
  • A new level of in-array data protection with the new MSA Data Protection Plus (MSA DP+). This protection capability spans all drives, and eliminates idle HDD spares to improve overall system efficiency and performance. In the event of a drive failure, MSA DP+ would speed rebuild times by 25x2, dramatically minimizing the time the array was in a degraded or vulnerable state.
  • Improved MSA Health Check tool that eliminates common causes of downtime. This cloud-base tool reduces local administration overhead by searching sensor data for known issues, and adherence to best practices, improving the user experience and maximizing availability.
  • Integration with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup to provide customers a simple and inexpensive route to cloud-based data protection, while saving money on a separate backup appliance. SMBs can instantly start backing up to the cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, a built-in enterprise cloud backup service using HPE Recover Manager Central.

The HPE MSA Gen 6 comes in three models; 1060, 2060, and 2062 and helps businesses save money and easily backup to the cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup. But nevertheless, they can fall victim to logical and physical HDD failures and then, businesses will need to contact a professional data recovery services provider. ACE Data Recovery team can boast of the highest success rate in the industry and is ready to help the HPE MSA Gen 6 owners with their data recovery needs.