April, 2017

New 10TB surveillance-class hard disk drive from Western Digital

According to IHS Markit experts, new WD HDD is the optimal choice for companies and individual computer owners using high-resolution 4K-compliant video surveillance systems. 10TB WD Purple hard drive combines the most advanced Western Digital technologies including AllFrame 4K (improves overall data processing and playback), HelioSeal (increases storage capacity and energy consumption), Scalable Surveillance Systems (perfect for high-definition small- or large-scale surveillance systems).

WD Desktop Purple data recovery New HDD release is definitely a challenge to many US companies providing qualified data retrieval services. The reason is simple: sooner or later the proud owners of WD Purple hard disk drives might need professional assistance with vital information retrieval from the storage units fallen victims to physical or logical failures.

Companies like ACE Data Recovery, the world's leader in data recovery, have enough experience and state-of-the-art equipment to take up the challenge. In particular, ACEs have a number of full-service labs to perform the most complex file recovery operations that require Class 100 cleanroom environment.

In addition, the company can boast of the best engineers in the industry, which means, ACE Data Recovery experts are capable to develop case-specific solutions in order to handle any file storage device known to modern PC/Mac users.

Let's hope, ACE Data Recovery team will be able to come up with reliable solutions to get ready for the first data recovery requests from the 10TB WD Purple hard disk drives owners.