Successful data recovery from Western Digital WD2500JS after the read-write head swap

Hard Drive Recovery Western Digital

Jacob, a staff member of a newspaper publishing company from Greenville, NC, contacted ACE Data Recovery after he had been unable to get a critical database from a desktop. According to the customer, when he was trying to fix the issue on his own, the hard drive completely failed. When our specialists received Jacob's Western Digital WD2500JS drive, they examined it in the cleanroom to prevent any damage that could make the drive unrecoverable.

During the evaluation the damage of the drive heads and platters was detected. Fortunately, the damage was not that severe and critical areas seemed to be relatively intact. As a result, data recovery was possible. After the client approved the quote, ACE Data Recovery engineers have swapped damaged heads with donor ones and tried to power on a hard drive in question. After a few vain attempts to access client's data, it was decided to use "smart hot swap" method. Finally, our experts were able to recover targeted critical files. The hard drive was securely destroyed and the information extracted from that hard drive was copied to an external hard drive and sent back his location in North Carolina.

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