All data was successfully recovered from clicking Seagate ST3146707LC hard drive

Hard Drive Recovery ST3146707LC

Steve from an IT company in Fort Worth, TX, 76110 contacted ACE Data Recovery in order to fix a serious issue with his Seagate ST3146707LC and get all critical data from the failed hard drive. According to device owner, "... the drive was trying to spin up but then clicked and shut down". The test results revealed a mechanical malfunction, the read-write heads damage. This issue is the most common type of physical damage to the hard disk drives. If drive heads are damaged, the device will more than likely make clear clicking noises. That origin of that "music" is easy to explain: the drive attempts to spin up and calibrate.

Data recovery from failures like that requires a data storage device to be disassembled in a cleanroom environment. To prevent permanent data loss, faulty unit should stay turned off. Otherwise, all critical data will be lost forever. As a part of a lab work, ACE Data Recovery experts swapped out-of-service read-write heads to the ones taken from a donor Seagate drive. After that our engineers managed to access raw data and process it to extract user’s critical files. Finally, all Steve's files were copied to a brand new hard disk drive and sent back to him from the ACE DFW Headquarters located in Dallas.

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