Failed Head Rack Assembly swap for Hitachi HTS725050A7E630 laptop hard drive

Hard Drive Recovery HTS725050A7E630

Charles, Sandy, UT, has contacted ACE Data Recovery in order to get critical data from his faulty Hitachi HTS725050A7E630 laptop hard disk drive. As follows from customer's report, it was a matter of a mechanical failure: aforementioned data storage device started clicking when Charles tried to power his computer on.
The device was shipped from Sandy, UT to ACE Data Recovery’s HQ for a free diagnostic. The test results for Hitachi hard drive showed that Head Rack Assembly (HRA) was the faulty mechanism responsible for data inaccessibility. HRA is the appliance inside the drive cavity that supports the read-write heads (one head per surface). At the back end of the assembly there's a voice coil positioned between two magnets. Being energized, the voice coil moves read-write heads and places them on the holder.
In a clean room environment, ACE Data Recovery engineers disassembled defective Hitachi HTS725050A7E630 hard disk drive and failed HRA was swapped to the one taken from the same model donor hard drive. Although client's hard drive itself wasn't fixed, our experts were able to access device's raw data and recover user’s files and folders from hard drive. After all critical data was successfully retrieved, it was copied to a free return media and shipped back to Sandy, UT.

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