Getting data from faulty Hitachi HTS725032A9A364 in less than 3 days

Hard Drive Recovery HTS725032A9A364

The following issue was reported by a worker of Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, TX, 77030. According to the customer, he was unable to get access to very important files on a desktop because of the internal hard drive malfunction. In spite of the fact that drive itself was spinning, computer's OS was unable to recognize it. Some users try to cope with similar issues on their own. Sometimes they change SATA ports and cables or try to mount faulty data storage devices to alternative computers via external SATA ports. Many cases of such unauthorized repair end up with a failure. In order to save critical files and get them back off the faulty device, the client decided to contact ACE Data Recovery lab in Houston for the assistance.
As soon as our specialists had received Hitachi(HGST) HTS725032A9A364 internal hard drive, they performed a free initial evaluation to find out what caused the problem. After the root of the issue had been indentified, ACE Data Recovery engineers performed the HRA change. The mentioned operation is very risky and any unprofessional action can turn a damaged device into a piece of unrecoverable junk. Luckily, technical staff of ACE Data Recovery can boast of both solid grounding and vast experience. Technicians succeeded in extracting customer's data. As a result, a copy of critical files was given back to the client in less than 3 days.

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