Hitachi HTS543232L9SAO data recovery after a firmware failure

Hard Drive Recovery HTS543232L9SAO

When Eric, a staff member of a hospital in Houston, TX, had noticed his Hitachi HTS543232L9SAO hard disk drive couldn't be recognized by an operating system, he decided to bring his storage unit to ACE Data Recovery for data retrieval. The test results for the failed hard drive revealed the System Track corruption. The System Track area of a hard drive is a part of firmware, which is written by the manufacturer and works in conjunction with the logic control circuitry board.
This area is hidden from the user and can comprise tens of tracks. It’s an extremely complex area of the drive and normally it’s very difficult to diagnose and repair. As soon as Eric gave his approval for further actions, ACE Data Recovery engineers restored modules using the company’s tremendous library of system tracks and made an image of failed Hitachi HTS543232L9SAO hard drive in order to prevent further media degradation and save customer’s files from damage. After the recovery process was successfully completed, data was copied to a brand new data storage device and given back to Eric.

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