What is BitLocker and How Does it Work? | ACE Data Recovery Article

Plan for the worst and hope for the best! If your hard drive needs data recovery, the biggest obstacle in your way might be yourself. Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption will prevent any successful data recovery attempt unless you have the backup key. Make sure you have it secured!
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What is BitLocker? BitLocker is Microsoft’s own encryption software that protects not only your data but your devices firmware as well. BitLocker utilizes XTS-AES 128bit or 256bit encryption which under a brute force attack could literally take billions of years to crack with today’s technology. Once your device is encrypted the only way to bypass the encryption is with the authorized key which is 48 numbers long!

So why use it at all? As mentioned, BitLocker is an effective encryption tool so if you store sensitive information on your laptop or computer this is something that may be right for you. It is an overall strong benefit to your security and data except, possibly in one case: If you experience an imminent hard drive/solid-state drive failure and do not have the key backed up.

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If you plan on encrypting your drive with BitLocker, you need to make sure that you have the key stored securely and is accessible in case a failure happens to you. This lesson has been learned the hard way many times over by wistful customers, and we are trying to prevent the same tragedy from happening to you! There are several ways to go about securing your BitLocker key. You could link the key to your Microsoft account through settings, you could also save it as a file and back it up somewhere, or you could print it out and store it somewhere secure.

We hope this article was sufficient in explaining the importance of securing your BitLocker encryption key. If it is present, we are more than happy to go over and assist with your data recovery needs!

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