ACE Data Recovery Developed Solution to Extract Data from the Legacy HP Enterprise Virtual Arrays

DALLAS, TX- April 17, 2019 - ACE Data Recovery successfully completed a recovery case from a legacy HP Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) Fibre Channel storage system. The HP EVA 4100 family reached EOL support back in the 2014. This failed array held procurement data for a big corporate identity uniform provider. ACE guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of customer data, works under NDA and never release clients’ names without their permission.

Failed HP EVA with VMWARE disks “The EVA RAID failed in January of 2018. Since that time, the client looked for data recovery options, “ said Don Wells, general manager of ACE Data Recovery. “All attempts to recover data from RAID by our competitors failed. The client contacted ACE in February 2019 to retrieve his data back.”
ACE Data Recovery’s R&D department has in-depth experience in unique custom solution development for their clients. “The internal smart array structures can significantly differ depending on model inside the same family of storage systems,” said Fedir Bandurin, ACE RAID recovery engineer. “Third party recovery tools for HP EVA 6500 were unable to extract data from HP EVA 4100 model. The Fibre Channel media added extra complication to the case. HP provides great virtual arrays redundancy. We discovered that array initially was created as an 8 drives RAID 5. After drives started failing one by one, all the data was merged by the EVA controller to 4 drives degrading RAID 5 configuration. Our team was able to develop a solution for this particular case and extract 100% of required data from the raw drives,” continued Bandurin. VMWARE’s vmdk files with the customer’s procurement data archive were successfully recovered and returned to the client after data verification process.

ACE Data Recovery has a great success rate in recovering data from various legacy media, such as SAN, NAS, or directly attached server arrays from HP, IBM, DELL-EMC and others, regardless of the drives interface and original file system. The company is also able to retrieve data from tape archives in countless tape drives formats, including DLT, LTO, DDS, Travan, etc.

About ACE Data Recovery:

ACE Data Recovery, the leader in enterprise data recovery, provides services to businesses who experience data loss due to hardware and software failures or natural disasters. The company has recovered data from all types of media including HDD, SSD, RAID, SAN, NAS, and tapes since 1981. For additional information visit or call 877-304-7189.