Data Recovery Services offers discounted data recovery to Rhode Island flood victims

Dallas, Texas, 04/08/2010 -- Data Recovery Services is offering discounted prices for recovery of data from computer storage media damaged by water or power surges resulting from of the Rhode Island flood. The offer, effective through June 01, 2010, applies to all types of storage media.

Data Recovery Services has successfully recovered data from drives so badly damaged in hurricanes, tornados, fires, floods and other disasters that others declared them unrecoverable. Our experience is that data can even be recovered from hard drives submerged in salt water, "so Don't write off the data yet; there is always a chance for recovery".

Adds Vice President of Marketing, Don Wells, "Explore with your insurance agent what coverage you may have available to pay for data recovery and loss of business"

Through its on-going research and development efforts, Data Recovery Services has created a library of proprietary processes to successfully recover data from failed computer storage media when all other conventional methods have failed.

About ACE Data Recovery
Data Recovery Services is part of ACE Data Group LLC. . ACE Data Recovery maintains a nationwide presence and offers businesses and consumers data recovery services for all types of digital media. Data Recovery Services, headquartered in Dallas, also has full laboratory facilities in Houston. For more information about Data Recovery Services or this offer, please call 1-877-304-7189 or visit the website