ACE Data Group reports success in  recovering data from System Track related failures.

Dallas, Texas, May 15, 2007 -- The ACE Data Recovery division of ACE Data Group LLC. announces that it has achieved a 96 percent success rate in retrieving data from all makes and models of hard drives following the most recent upgrade of its proprietary data recovery hardware and software. Capabilities of the new technology include full system track manipulation of all current hard drive models. The upgrade also improves ACE Data Group's ability to develop recovery modules for newly released drives.

"After trying a few ‘off-the-shelf' data recovery products, we developed our own technology solution from the ground up," says Don Wells, vice president - Data Recovery Services, of ACE Data Group. "There are a lot of data recovery firms out there that are not able to resolve system track issues and are failing the drives. This discourages the client from pursuing the project any further. Using our proprietary hardware and software, we can recover any drive with system track corruption. We also can design recovery modules, on the fly, for any new model that hits the market."

The system track of a hard drive, also called the system area, is data that is written to the drive by the manufacturer and works in conjunction with the logic control circuitry. If the system track becomes corrupted, the drive can show symptoms of physical failure on many levels, even though it is a logic problem. This area, not accessible by the user, typically becomes corrupted during the initial failure of a drive. The system track may not be the primary reason for the failure, but the recovery is impossible until it is fixed. Approximately 30 percent of all failed drives have system track issues that must be addressed. ACE Data Group routinely performs system track recoveries on SCSI, SATA, PATA, and SAS drives made by every major manufacturer.

In addition to system track recovery, ACE Data Group also can recover or reset ATA passwords, reverse engineer and repair virtually all types of firmware damage and recover data lost due to hardware failures.

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