Specialists Can Recover Those Missing Files

Dallas, Texas, April 3, 2007 -- Virtually all computer users, and that's nearly everyone these days, has lost either data accidentally or due to a hardware failure or file corruption. Not nearly as many users are aware, however, that most of those lost or inaccessible files can be recovered. A data recovery specialist can be indispensable when the data in question possesses sentimental, monetary or other intrinsic value.

A burgeoning industry has sprung up to offer recovery services to users who need to recover data from not only computer drives, including tape and USB flash drives, but also many other digital devices ranging from cell phones to cameras.

According to one such company, people should not give up hope if their computer or digital device crashes or malfunctions, or even if it is engulfed by fire, saturated by flood or subjected to some other disaster.

"In the majority of the cases with computers, the root cause of the malfunction is failure of a circuit board, mechanical component, internal software or firmware, and even though the files can't be accessed, the data remains intact on the hard drive," says Charles Walker, senior vice president - Data Recovery Services, of ACE Data Group. "We make an image of the drive to recapture the data, then we determine the cause of the failure and provide a free assessment to the user.

"Software errors are corrected using proprietary software. Damaged circuit boards and drive components are repaired with sophisticated equipment in high-tech clean rooms. The recovered data is returned to the user on the original drive or any other preferred medium, such as a CD or DVD."

According to Walker, the worst thing a user can do when faced with apparent data loss is to fiddle with the computer in an attempt to repair it. That typically only makes things worse by adding to the recovery cost or making it impossible to recover the data.

"If you hear a clicking sound emitting from your hard drive, or if the computer monitor indicates an error during the boot process, something is wrong. The safest bet is to contact a data recovery specialist," says Walker. In addition to free diagnostics, his company offers a "no recovery, no cost" guarantee, free return shipping and claims a 96 percent success rate.

Different technologies are used to recover data from other media with an equally impressive success rate. "Over the years, we have recovered everything from wedding videos to tax returns, as a lot of happy customers will attest," Walker says.

About ACE Data Group
ACE Data Recovery is part of ACE Data Group LLC. . The company maintains a nationwide presence and offers data recovery services for all types of digital media. For additional information, visit www.datarecovery.net.