July, 2020

Western Digital Announces Ultrastar DC SN840 Dual-Port NVMe SSD

WD Ultrastar DC SN840 NVMe SSD

Western Digital introduced a new high-end enterprise NVMe SSD, the Ultrastar DC SN840, and a new storage platform, a NVMe over Fabrics 2U JBOF using up to 24 of these SSDs. While the new SN840 drive comes with the OpenFlex Data24, and is designed to work well with it, it is also ideal primary storage for HPC or storage arrays looking for high performance, and would be a good fit for AI/ML, OLTP, data analytics, SQL/NoSQL databases, cloud computing, and virtualization as well.

According to Western Digital, the new performance Ultrastar DC SN840 Gen3.1 NVMe SSD is the company's third-generation solution with a vertically integrated in-house NVMe controller, firmware, and 96-layer 3D TLC NAND technology. The SN840 uses a 15mm thick U.2 form factor and delivers competitive performance of up to 780K/250K random read/write IOPS. It comes in capacities up to 15.36 TB and supports dual-port PCIe operation for high availability, a standard feature for SAS drives but usually only found on enterprise NVMe SSDs that are top of the line or special-purpose models. The SN840 offers a comprehensive set of enterprise-class features, including 1 and 3 DW/D endurance levels, full power-loss protection, and TCG encryption. Shipments of the SN840 begin in July.

Western Digital also announced a new product to its OpenFlex family of NVMe over Fabrics products – the OpenFlex Data24 NVMe over Fabrics JBOF. It is Ethernet-attached 2U JBOF enclosure supporting up to 24 SSDs (368TB total). The SSDs drives are connected through a PCIe switch fabric to up to six ports of 100Gb Ethernet, provided by RapidFlex NVMeoF controllers. The OpenFlex Data24 can be attached as shared storage in high-performance infrastructure deployments or used to create virtual storage systems. The OpenFlex Data24 is scheduled to launch this fall.

The new Ultrastar DC SN840 Dual-Port NVMe SSDs will help users transition to higher efficiency NVMe SSDs to meet demands of performance-driven applications and workloads. But, unfortunately, they are also vulnerable to physical and logical failures that result in data loss. In such cases, business will need a reliable data recovery services provider to get their critical data back. Experienced engineers from ACE Data recovery team have huge experience in successfully recovering data from SSDs of all makes and model. ACEs will gladly help the SN840 owners with their data recovery needs.