October, 2017

Microwave Technology Could Produce 40 TB Hard Drives in the Near Future

Western Digital announced that it had achieved a breakthrough in ultra-high capacity disk drives using microwave-assisted magnetic recording (MAMR). Using a microwave-based write head can expand the limits of traditional HDDs to up to 40TBs, and the company says it will be available to consumers by 2025, though Western Digital will begin providing them to data centers as soon as 2019.

According to Western Digital, it has managed to overcome the biggest issue with traditional HDD drive storage - the size of the write head. These days, an average hard drive maxes out in the 10-14TB range. But by integrating a new write head, "a spin torque oscillator" microwaves can create the energy levels necessary for copying data within a lower magnetic field than was ever previously possible. The spin torque oscillator generates a microwave field that increases the ability to record data at ultra-high density without sacrificing reliability.

According to Western Digital, MAMR technology is expected to offer over 4 terabits per square inch over time. Commercialization of MAMR technology will pave the way to higher recording densities, and lower cost per terabyte hard disk drives for enterprise data centers, video surveillance systems, and consumer NAS products.

MAMR technology opens new opportunities to address the future of high capacity storage and introduce a new class of highly reliable, 'ultra-high capacity' drives. But, unfortunately, all storage devices can fall victims to logical and physical failures that may lead to data loss and high-capacity HHDs based on advanced technologies are no exception. Data recovery from failed hard drives is a complex process that takes time and needs resources to complete it successfully so to get critical data back, businesses, organizations, and consumers will need to rely on professional data recovery services provider.

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