April, 2017

SSD prices are expected to decline significantly in 2018

Trendfocus, a well-known data storage industry's market research firm, announced good news for PC/Mac owners. Although the increased demand for NAND flash memory chips that has led to higher priced SSDs will continue through 2017, there is a hope that the regular pricing will return in 2018.

According to Trendfocus, SSDs prices have increased over 36% in some places. The company's analysts expect that the price increases will continue throughout the rest of 2017, but in 2018 the prices could fall. There is a chance that we could see some easing of prices earlier if the chipmakers ramp up 3D NAND flash memory production in time for back-to-school notebook sales.

As SSDs are penetrating more into the mid-range notebook systems, the lower prices to system OEMs will translate to lower prices to end customers and the SSD-based notebooks will become more affordable.

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