April, 2017

The clean-up after the snowstorm: sensitive data recovery

Last week news channels reported the late-winter storm that was moving from northern parts of New England and upstate New York into Canada, hit travel and everyday life. As follows from the National Weather Service's report, more than 30-inches thick snow covering was recorded in some parts of upstate New York.

Thousands of large and small companies suffered from the natural disaster. As a result of sudden power cuts, the inhabitants of the affected areas faced quite unpleasant situation: terabytes of sensitive business-related and private data got temporarily inaccessible.

As soon as lots of people begin to return to everyday routine, there's an urge for them to find a way to get vital information back from file storages affected by the snowstorm. In this regard, ACE Data Recovery company offers a complete set of proven technical solutions to make file recovery comfortable and easy.

ACEs have extensive experience in data recovery from file storage devices affected by natural disasters like wildfire, flood, snowstorm, hurricane. For more than 35 years of providing the A-grade services on the IT-market, ACE Data Recovery experts developed lots of hardware tools and software pieces that allow to retrieve raw data even from heavily damaged data storages.

It's important that ACE Data Recovery company has own laboratory. That means specialists there can develop unique solutions in order to improve customers' chances of a favourable outcome in case of a natural disaster, careless human actions, or data storage device deformation leading to critical files inaccessibility. To prevent file corruption, recovery procedures are performed in electronically monitored Class 10 and Class 100 clean rooms. These days ACE data recovery services are in popular demand among both businesses and households not only in the United States but also from around the world.