October, 2017

Samsung 850 120GB SSD listed online

Samsung Portable SSD data recovery There were rumors that Samsung would drop the Pro / EVO naming scheme for their new SSDs. It looks like this is true. Recently, the Samsung 850's product page went live on the company's Chinese site, and the Pro / EVO suffix is nowhere to be seen. The Samsung 850 120 GB MZ-7LN120 is the only model listed at the moment but others will probably follow soon.
The drive features Samsung's well-known MGX controller paired up with 3-bit MLC V-NAND and 256MB of LPDDR3 cache. Its sequential performance peaks at 540MB/s for read and 520MB/s for write, with a random 4K performance set at up to 88,000 IOPS for read and 70,000 IOPS for write. The upcoming Samsung 850 120GB SSD has an endurance rating of 75 TBW and a reliability of 1.5 million hours. The new Samsung 850 series SSD will ship with a three-year warranty.

At the moment of writing, we don't know about any other capacity sizes in this series, but the SATA-IO Integrators List that was updated on September 27 includes a reference to the upcoming Samsung 860 series. The list shows five capacities: 256GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB.

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