June, 2010

ACE Data Recovery - growing stronger by the day

Finding partners in different but related industries and combining those services and offerings is the way of modern enterprise. Building a core network like this is not only beneficial to the parties involved, it's a statement of quality and stability that ensures the consumer they're making the right choice.

Data Recovery Services is proud to announce the addition of Addonics Technologies to our list of outstanding partners. Addonics Technologies is one of the world's largest manufacturers of high-end, multiple drive enclosures for high capacity storage needs. Their offerings include a wide variety of products and configurations such as RAID towers and racks, NAS, iSCSI, SSD enclosures and much more.

Even the best equipment on the planet, such as Addonics, can fail or become inaccessible due to natural disasters, power surges, failed hard drives and human error. This is where the ACE Data Recovery-Addonics partnership comes into play to support Addonics' customers to the fullest.

As the authority in the recovery industry, ACE Data Recovery has provided reliable and cost effective solutions serving a global market for almost 30 years. ACE Data Recovery facilities are cutting edge and staffed with the best of the best from engineering to customer service. Our RAID data recovery technologies are unparalleled in the industry and we have dedicated resources to support exactly what Addonics customers would require.

With the quality of Addonics Technologies products and our experience and knowledge, this partnership has created a true, full circle of support.