April, 2020

Memblaze Announced PBlaze V 920 Series Enterprise-Class NVMe SSD

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Memblaze Technology has introduced their new PBlaze V 920 Series enterprise-class NVMe SSD which has adopted 96-layer 3D eTLC NAND offering capacities up to 7.68 TB. The new SSD is available in 2.5-inch U.2 and HHHL add-in card form factors and the PBlaze5 920 Series consists of 4 groups of devices: PBlaze5 D920, PBlaze5 C920, PBlaze5 D926, and PBlaze5 C926.

The Memblaze PBlaze5 920 Series NVMe SSD is quoted to deliver some impressive reads with up to 5.9GB/s and 970,000 IOPS, while latency is expected to hit just 90μs and 12μs, for reads and writes, respectively. Memblaze indicates that, with this level of performance coupled with its data protection, compatibility, and enterprise-class features, the new PBlaze5 drive will significantly improve overall user experience. This release is a step up from the previous MemBlaze PBlaze5 916.

To address the growing number of multi-application deployment scenarios on a single drive, Memblaze has added “Quota by Namespace” support to the PBlaze 920 series. This is a brand new feature that carries out quota operation to the namespaces of NVMe SSD then selects appropriate namespaces depending on the application priority so that it can optimize and expand the application scenarios. Memblaze indicates that, by creating different namespaces on their new SSD and placing quota limitation on the namespaces loaded with tasks of lower priority, namespaces with high-priority tasks will have access to more I/O resources.

Memblaze PBlaze 920 Series NVMe SSD supports firmware upgrade without reset. Even if there are I/O operations in the business system, the firmware upgrade can still be completed without stopping businesses or shutting down systems, which guarantees continuous storage system services and greatly simplifies the operation and maintenance process and reduces the IT system operation & maintenance difficulty and cost.

The new drive also supports Variable sector size management. he Variable Sector Size (VSS) transfers user data with metadata. Memblaze PBlaze5 920 Series supports 512, 520, 4096, 4104, and 4160 bytes Variable Sector Size, which means I/Os from service application carry 8 bytes or 64 bytes of metadata simultaneously. On the premise of ensuring high consistent performance, VSS further guarantees high data reliability requirements for storage systems and distributed file systems.

The new Memblaze PBlaze5 920 Series NVMe SSDs will enable businesses to build high-speed, high-reliability, and flexible storage solutions for their mission-critical applications. But like all SSDs, they may fall victim to logical and physical SSD failures that will make critical user data inaccessible. In such cases, businesses will need to contact a professional data recovery services provider to get their valuable data back. ACE Data Recovery team can successfully recover data from all types of SSDs and will gladly help the Memblaze PBlaze V 920 Series NVMe SSD’s owners with their data recovery needs.