August, 2020

Memblaze Announced New PBlaze V 520 Series Enterprise SSD

SSD Data Recovery Memblaze

Memblaze announced a new series of low-power server-class NVMe SSDs, PBlaze V 520 Series SSDs. They focus on providing excellent performance while maintaining lower power consumption levels, and are targeted at enterprises improving their storage energy efficiency. According to Memblaze, the new SSDs have a typical power consumption of 9W and a standby power consumption as low as 4W. PBlaze5 520 Series also supports accurate power control per watt, which can dramatically cut back on the Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) and Operating Expense (OPEX) of the devices in data center.

The PBlaze5 520 Series consists of such models as PBlaze5 C520, PBlaze5 D520, PBlaze5 C526, and PBlaze5 D526 that come in either 2.5” U.2 or HHHL form-factors in two capacity classes for each model. The PBlaze5 520 Series NVMe SSD leverages 96-layer 3D eTLC NAND and provides capacities ranging from 1.6 TB to 3.84 TB.

The Memblaze PBlaze5 520 Series uses 8-channel architecture, offers up to 520K random read IOPS and 3.3 GB/s read bandwidth, with read and write latencies lowering to 85μs and 15μs respectively. All these features allows for the 6-fold improvement in its performance compared with enterprise-class SATA SSD.

Other benefits of the Memblaze PBlaze5 520 Series include:

  • Out-of-band management of NVMe-MI interface improves operation efficiency. The new SSDs are compatible with NVMe-MI interface that allows users with batch SSD deployment to manage and monitor information about the running conditions of SSDs through out-of-band management.
  • Dual Self-Test facilitates more flexible monitoring. Users can actively trigger the self-test program via the open source command-line tool to complete the S.M.A.R.T. alarm test and capacitance validity test.
  • Richer functions for enterprise-class storage. The PBlaze5 520 Series supports dual port function, Reservation function, and is enhanced by rich enterprise-class product features such as online firmware upgrade without reset and Variable Sector Size Management.

But no matter how advanced they, the new PBlaze5 520 Series SSDs are vulnerable to logical and physical SSD failures that may result in data loss and lead to downtime for businesses. These problems can be solved with a help from a reliable data recovery services provider, like ACE Data Recovery team that has extensive experience in recovering data from all types of storage media. ACEs are ready to help the PBlaze5 520 Series SSD owners with their data recovery needs.