June, 2017

Google Drive Will Backup and Sync Your Files

File System Data Recovery Google is replacing Google Drive for PC and Mac with a new tool that it calls Backup and Sync. According to Google, the tool is intended to help everyday users back up files and photos from their computers, so they're safe and accessible from anywhere. It is the latest version of Google Drive for Mac/PC, which is now integrated with the Google Photos desktop uploader. In other words, it's intended to replace both of those apps.
Google Backup and Sync is primarily intended for consumer usage. Instead of files having to live inside of the Drive folder, Google will be able to monitor and backup files inside of any folder you point it to. This includes your Desktop, your Documents folder, and your Photos.

Backup and Sync is focused more on safeguarding your data, regardless of where it's stored on your computer and will allow you to pick individual files and folders to backup. You need only one app to sync all your files. The only real limitation is the amount of Drive space you have because Google offers only 15GB of storage space for free.

It's essential to back your files up regularly and Google will help you do it although it offers limited storage space for free. If you have not enough room for all your important files in the cloud and store your data on your laptop, they may get inaccessible in case of a catastrophic system crash. To get your documents, photos or videos back, you will need to contact professional data recovery service provider.

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