April, 2017

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: the most anticipated smartphones

According to VentureBeat report, there's no particular reason for the release schedule update. Presumably there's a sort of presumption that Samsung specialists want to be on the safe side with new product release. The reason seems too prosaic, doesn't it? Nevertheless, specialists predict that Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus have all chances to become must-have gadgets of the year.

Samsung Galaxy handsets are in popular demand among both business owners and households as they allow to process important information in no time. However, when something goes wrong and Android smartphones fail, it can be quite hard to retrieve important contacts and other info back.

Nowadays, Android widgets use full-disk encryption to meet specific hardware requirements as it seems like security options affect the overall gadget performance. This makes file recovery from Galaxy series smartphones quite difficult to implement.

But at the same time, world's best file recovery companies try hard to develop new reliable hardware tools and software pieces in order to get critical files from faulty Android devices in case of need. ACE Data Recovery team, the leading file retrieval company in the industry, can boast of unique solutions that make it possible to recover galleries, video/audio files and contact list from the Android-based smartphones and tablets.

It looks like Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus release will turn into another challenge for ACE Data Recovery experts. It would be a perfect practice for certified engineers to come up with a proprietary solution for successful Galaxy products data recovery.