May, 2016

Adware: software that makes you mad

Though adware, also known as spyware, isn't bound up with standard data recovery cases, it may become a major pain for modern users working on the Internet.

The term "adware" is nothing but a combination of words "advertising" and "software". Being ranked among malicious programs, most spyware pieces don't actually jeopardize critical data on your desktop. However, those troublemakers can turn your life into a pure madness.

As a rule, the main purpose of the aforementioned malware is to bother a victim with calling and annoying advertising. In other words, if you got a new home page in a browser or get tons of small porn-related pop-up windows on the screen, that means your desktop or laptop was infected with a sort of an adware. Very often those popups make a great source of embarrassment for unfortunate users working in the office.

So, why advertising programs are considered to be dangerous, after all? The reason is that some of the aforementioned windows popped by a piece of an adware may contain malicious code or a link to ransomware (an unpleasant thing that encrypts user's critical data and demands ransom) similar to sadly remembered Cryptolocker. As a result, unsuspecting victim may lose all valuable data on his/her computer.

How can I secure my computer from potential data loss caused by adware?

This is a good question, folks! The answer is very simple: surf the web wisely. In most cases spyware gets access to your data storage device after you visit a dubious website. Very often web sources offering free cheat codes for gamers or free login data for paid adult sites contain the whole mess of spyware waiting in the wings.

Free-of-charge apps on your desktop they can be dangerous as well. It doesn't actually mean you should use commercial software only, not at all! They say, one cannot be too careful. Just make sure that you pay attention to the installation screen offering various "useful features" when you install a free program. See through the trick! All you need is to uncheck corresponding boxes and prevent potentially dangerous add-ons from being installed on your computer. Be smart on the Internet!